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  1. Hi, I am after some low cost front tyres for IH674. Currently has 7.50R16 on the front. Been told 235/85/16 radial A/T will work. Can anyone advise if this is an option as they are substantially cheaper than the standard 7.50R16 here in New Zealand. Maybe someone has some 7.50R16 lying around. Based in Bay Of Plenty - New Zealand. Thank you.
  2. Hi, Can anyone tell me what tool is needed to undo the oil drain plug. Is this an allen key? If so what size? Many Thanks
  3. Hi All I am new to tractors and just got given a 674. Excuse the stupid questions. Been trying to run through a few things with regard oil / filter changes etc. what engine oil can i use is the engine oil different from the gearbox oil or does it use the same oil how much do i need and what is the process where is the serial number - can't seem to find it anywhere what is the process for changing the fuel filters (Delphi 296 x 2) it did start when i got it but needed some ether as it has been standing for a long time since then can't start it again - did notice the start lever under the steering has a cable running to the fuel pump i think but it's not connected as the cable appears to have sheared off so no end to reattach. tried to hold the connecting lever back a bit while turning it over but no luck.
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