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  1. Could you send a photo of what yours looks like with he power beyond plate? I don't think mine does and the mechanics didn't think it had one also. But i guess Im not too totally sure. Thanks
  2. Hey Jim, Thanks for you insight to this topic. I am actually the third owner. First owner traded his 806 off to use this to plow, found out these weren't meant for a plow and traded it in after 200 hours. Second owner bought it and installed that Kent loader and used it at a fertilizer plant its whole life until I bought it on an auction the end of June in Arkansas City KS. It has 5300 hours on it now. I got it home, drained all oil, engine and hydrostat and then changed all filters for everything. Oil was milky when I drained it but no brass in the housing or shimmering on plugs so that is good. Tractor sat outside a lot in its previous life. I had it up at Herrs Machine Hydrotatics in Washington, KS last week to do some testing on it and this winter I will be rebuilding the hydro in it. The mechanics at Herrs thought it was in great shape other than when we put gauges on and found out hydro was weak. But the housing they thought looked good and tractor in general is nice. I haven't had the opportunity to use it yet like I had hoped but I am taking off the Kent loader and putting an International on next week and going to use it to move hay around the hay until we slow down this winter to split it and have Herrs rebuild the hydro. I am looking for a 1066 to have around in case why I am redoing mine I forget how something goes together or what not and I can rob some exterior parts off of another 1066 if mine aren't good. Plus I just want another 66 series around. Do you have photos of your 1066 hydro? Thanks, Michael
  3. Im new to the group but I recently bought a 1066 Hydro and I am looking for a few parts for it. I am going to put a 2350 Ih loader on it and want to have a 3 spool valve next to the fender so I can plumb the loader to it instead of my rear outlets. To do this I believe I need a power beyond valve. Since I have a hydro the valve need to have 3 ports and I am curious where to find one at. Anyone have an idea on where to find one? I am also in the market to find a cheap 1066 for parts or salvaged just to have. And for a quick hitch for the tractor. Also if anyone has any 20.8-38" 9 bolt dual rims I would be interested in those also. Here is my 1066. It is a 1972 model with 5300 original hours. I am the 3rd owner. And second photo is a picture of the power beyond valve I am looking for. Any advice or opinions is apprecaited. Thanks in advance!
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