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  1. Good day The engine has front structure the same as truck fitments.....and not as a tractor Tractor age would be a guess of year...maybe late 70s or earlier 80s?? Good luck
  2. Good day 467B is in a 4386 4WD tractor.....have 2 one is slightly older by S/N......frame good...engines good......the rest is crap Thanking you
  3. Thank you farmer fix Should be wide and wide
  4. Would someone know the specs for cam shaft lift in a IH 467B s/n 467BT2U687582 And if that one has a wide cam lobe in that model Also at what S/n brake did they go to a wider crank and con rod bearing Thanking you
  5. Good day all Thanks for the reply 466 truck engine into a IH 4386 would have a truck type structure front end rear?? 466 sits in frame similar to a truck A tractor has more of a side frame attachment Thank you
  6. Good day all Did forget they are going in 4386 4WD
  7. Good day all Is there a difference in front end rear structures on the 466 ih engines from truck to ag tractor as what would have to be changed for truck engines to ag tractors Thanking you
  8. Good day all Thanks for all the information so far Axel that i have in one Is 3.25in And the other Is 3.5in plus rust and paint So as much I have understood is it is most likely that the overall ratios are the same Only really wanted to put back Axel in....not because of failure but gain some strength in the axel shafts Not real shore what 1/4 inch would give in extra strength? In kgs Thanking you
  9. Good day all Is a 4386 Axel ratio the same in all models Have 2 4386 one has small Axel's and one is a bigger axle shaft Want to swap the back axel from small to bigger size as a assembly if the ratios are the same Thanking you
  10. Good day all The 30 oil isn't a IH brand of oil....may just try a IH brand and see how we go Not a full time mechanic.....but have built dozens from 18lit and down....cat to AC As a side note....is the dif ratio on a IH 4386 the same on all models ..eg....one has smaller dia Axel's and later one has 1/4inch bigger....so over all ratios the same? Thanking all
  11. Good day all Has had 15..40..oil in it for a 14 years Currently has 30 oil in it .....still consuming the same amount of oil....probably had 70 hrs on the 30 oil and 25 litre added to it in 70 hrs Thankong all
  12. Thanks No hasn't been rebuilt in the 15 years Has been doing sprayer work If rings were shot would have blow by? Thanks
  13. Good day all Have IH 467B that has a drinking problem Doesn't have blow by...just a wispy bit Has new turbo Do the 466 have any other history of common problems eg valve guides or other head related parts It doesn't leak a drop of oil anywhere Very tight engine.....just gets through 6 litres of oil in 8 or 9 hrs Thanking all
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