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  1. Connecting left and right side has sorted it. The decals are faded out. Thx though
  2. Thx caseih2388 I'll clean up the left side connections and give it a try...
  3. Had her out doing some topping with a "perfect" 2.7m sideshift. There are two spool valves and six QD couplings, are the pressure and returns on opposite sides? Operating the spool levers just raised the 3 point linkage and didnt sideshift as expected...Sure I've not connected the topper up correctly..I cant find a QD connection diagram in the operators manual I have. I lost a lower link pin, R clip must have fallen out. A spare lower cat2 pin is 150 euros plus tax!!!..I'm having one machined up for much less.
  4. Thx Oleman, Thats exactly what I needed. Studying the diagram, theres a whole load of parts that can contribute to the excess play..I'll have to do some digging in there..
  5. Hello all, I bought the XL to do some topping work and care for neglected pastures we have. Shes an old girl and a bit tired in places. Biggest issue is the gear and ratio selector levers which flop around a great deal and although work once selected, I feel theres a gate or some other parts missing from the top of the case that contain the two levers and offer some precision to selection. I've tried in vain to find a breakdown of that area and wondered if there is a good diagram of the selector parts that would allow me to identify the parts required. I'd like to get her working properly and spend the winter restoring what I can, electrics, glass and tyres etc all on the agenda as is paint. I'm in need of a new wide fork leveling box but they all seem to be out of stock online......... I'll post some pictures when I get a chance, on night shifts... Thx Dov
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