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  1. Hey brewcrew, any chance to get some pics of what you have. You can PM if that works better.
  2. What I was thinking is to just make it like the first Valve with the flat face and make my own beyond plate with the 0 ring seals. then I could port out the top like an old style beyond plate. That would make it so much easier to fit that in there and still have access to the fittings from the top like the valves. Also no need to cut hole in seat mount.
  3. Thanks all for the input, just trying to think outside the box here. With the high price of the valve I need to make this work I may just give this a try.
  4. Might have to find a print or an actual valve body to copy it.
  5. Contemplating adding a power beyond plate to the end of the two valves. I know i need an open valve but my question is , Has anyone attempted to mill the second valve to make it open? Is it possible?
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