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  1. Should be getting the engine and seats this week. I didn't have room when I picked up the rest. Oh...and one more "box of parts" that my uncle ran across. This is going to be a serious puzzle to put back together. Boxes of parts strewn about. No organization that I can tell. Also no wiring that I can tell. I'm going to wind building a wiring harness. Not insurmountable. I've done that more than once.
  2. kgriff

    Paint advice?

    Thank you for the responses. I may find it unfortunate as the project goes on, based on the sandblasting comment by supermechanic. The whole thing has been sandblasted already. I would, by my nature, confine sandblasting to hard to reach places like door interiors and stake holes. No joy on this one, as my uncle had "a guy" that was going to paint the truck for $3000. He sandblasted the entire truck. From what I can tell, he didn't do a great job. The body is mostly straight and good. One dented fender from hitting a cow, minor dents in the wheel wells. Very minor rust in a couple of places. I'm planning on hiring the body work done, as I've never done that, and am a bit intimidated. Kevin, the door looks nice. How about a picture of the whole thing? I've always like the Travelall. Will a high build up primer be adequate to cover the sandblast finish, or should I go ahead and sand the whole thing? Thanks for the Gibson63 tip. I'll be checking that out.
  3. Hey farmalldr, Thank you. And yes, that's kinda what I always do. Q - "How do you eat an elephant?" A - "One bite at a time."
  4. I'm excited and ready to roll. My wife...not as much. She'll get more into it as things start moving. Right now, it's just a big pile of random parts. My first full restore, and I pick the most difficult thing...something somebody else tore down. Still, looking forward to it. Gonna be a lot of fun over the next couple years.
  5. kgriff

    Paint advice?

    Couple posts ago, I talked about my new-to-me '57 S100. Well, my first decision is paint. I know I want to keep it original colors, and I've got that handled with paint swatches. Let me state, up front and for the record, that I'm not a paint guy. That said, I may try shooting this myself...just because. Does anyone have any advice on paint brand/type? I don't really know anything about primer, paint, clear coat, etc., but I do know that I want the finish to be relatively close to factory. I need to figure this out ASAP so I can start getting rid of the little bit of surface rust there is and get parts at least primed. I have done enough research to know that primer can depend on what paint is selected, so this seems like a pretty critical decision. Also, it may be noteworthy that the whole thing was sandblasted at one point, and I will probably be sandblasting to remove surface rust. It is my understanding that this should work out because there are primers that fill as well? Or should I sand after sandblasting for a smoother metal surface? I'm a fair mechanic, but body work and paint is something I've never really done. Always wanted to, but outside of my wheelhouse at this point. Suggestions, advice, criticism would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I was thinking as all-original as possible. Should get pretty close, as all of the original parts were kept. I think I have most of them. Some are probably sitting in my uncle's shed or garage. Still considering changing to 4 speed from the parts truck. Not sure yet.
  7. Whelp. Tried again as a reply to my own post and the picture posted right away. Please disregard my earlier failed attempt.
  8. Hi Everyone. Obviously, I'm new to this forum. What's pictured is a '57 S100 Long story short...I've loved International pickups for a long time, but have never had one. Finally got one!!! Gifted from my cousin. It was given to him 30+ years ago by his grandfather. (On the other family side...not my blood kin) Him and his Dad tore it down, intending to restore. As you can see from the picture, they got through the tear down part, but that's about it. My cousin was in high school. As a summer project, my uncle would give him daily tasks..."Take this apart", "Sand this down", etc. My cousin got everything taken apart, wire wheeled, sanded, whatever, to bare metal. They put rattle can undercoating on the frame, but haven't touched the body, apart from taking all the old paint off. I picked this up on July 23rd. Frame with cab and bed bolted on. The rest of the body panels in the bed or cab. Everything else in boxes or loose in my van. From what I'm told, this is an I6 with 3 speed tranny. I don't even know the engine size yet. That's still in my uncle's garage, so I haven't made any measurements yet. It was a farm truck and is in remarkably good shape. Very little rust. A little denting on the left fender from hitting a cow, and that's about it. There is also a parts truck that, I'm told, is the same, but without a bed. Hopefully, I'll be picking that up within the next few weeks. As you can see from the tow truck, I'm not unfamiliar with older trucks. I have a '72 Blazer that belonged to my dad, as well as a '72 Jeep pickup that I bought in 1997. This is my first full restoration. So...after all that...I have questions and would like opinions. This was originally a two tone truck, blue and white (ish). I think I've found the correct paint codes. Seems like '57 was the transition from S Series to A Series. First thing I have to do is confirm if this is, in fact, an S100. I can handle that part. Second, is to decide on paint. I'm going to keep the original paint colors, but would greatly appreciate help on what type of paint. I'm a pretty fair mechanic, but can't claim to be a body guy. I know nothing about paint but what I've researched in the past few days. Can anyone provide suggestions on what brand/type of paint to use? I'd like to have a "like original" paint job on this truck. I'm planning to try my hand at painting it, after having a professional do the body work. This is mostly a cost thing, as funds are not unlimited for this project. The truck is mostly down to bare metal, with surface rust here and there. It's been stored in a garage in Colorado, so not a lot of humidity. I want to at least get it sanded again and in primer so no more rust grows before the body guy has at it. From the research I've done, it seems like the primer used depends a lot on the paint that will top it off. I need to decide on a paint before I proceed. Next decisions I have to make: - Keep it all original - Switch out the 3 speed with the 4 speed that's in the parts truck - Keep it 2 wheel drive or convert to 4 wheel. I know I can get Dana 44's for dirt cheap, and I can have a Dana 20 transfer case in hand for next to nothing. I've got a good axle shop and a good drive line shop that can work wonders to get things to the size I need. - Keep it 1/2 ton or go 3/4 ton with it - I6 engine, or a newer V6, with updated drive train that will let me go highway speeds Lots of decisions. Opinions would be much appreciated. If this were a Chevy, I know exactly how I'd go with it. However, I don't have nearly as much experience with IHC, so I don't have a great grasp on value original vs. value modified. For the record, I don't plan on ever selling it. This is just for me. The value thing is more for my knowledge and what I'll be passing on to my son at some point in the (hopefully distant) future. Finally, can anyone advise on how to attach pictures? I've tried several times and all I see is "Uploading" for some time, then an error. The picture size is <300kb
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