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  1. I'll try that. Not sure the sound is loud enough to hear clearly over the engine from the drivers seat.
  2. Update on this. Got a chance to adjust clutch and ta. Clutch was way out only 1/2 inch free play so set that to 1 3/4. Much nicer. TA only needed the rubber stop moved out a little and the cam that contacts the clutch moved. Noise did not go away. I ran it to the other end of a field tonight and hitched up to a harrow to bring it back to yard and here's what it does. Noise is there when warm in dd and ta. Significantly quiter in ta. Noise and feeling go away as soon as I hit the clutch. I can't hear Noise while driving but felt the side of transmission and can't feel it but who knows. Very loud at idle after warmup. It quites down and is less frequent when I throttle up. Nuetral with ta in either position. I can feel it most above step on left side of tractor. Sounds to me like something is about to grenade in the transmission which is not good haha since I only got tractor yesterday.
  3. Is there an inspection cover to open anywhere? Looks like a smal plate behind the front battery. I was going to adjust clutch and then ta linkage per the book today just in case that made any difference
  4. Just picked up a 656 diesel. Got it home and there is a tapping/rattling sound coming out of the transmission. I can hold my hand on the side by the left step and feel it through the case. Instantly goes away if I pull TA back or push in the clutch. Any ideas what this could be or where to start looking? It's fairly loud and I don't remember hearing it when I looked at it.
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