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  1. Is there a picture of how the draft piece should fit into the clevis? Truth be told, I am not worried about draft. If I can get position fixed and draft inoperable, that would be OK. Disassembling complete unit can be done from the top or does the tractor have to be split?
  2. Here are some clearer pictures and an update. Got home for lunch, arms were down as expected. Went to move clevis and it wouldn't move. Started tractor and arms started rising, again as expected. Shut off tractor before it started spray oil from under the unloader. Clevis moves freely front to back with no relation to position lever. This is where it gets interesting. Pried a little on the draft piece that fits in the clevis and it popped out. Now its laying back and I can see the end of the rod with the spring around it. I can grab the piece and rotate it back to the clevis, but then I feel the tension of the spring on the rod. Now I will add to this again, in the pictures of when I walked up to the tractor and of the draft lever fully up, the tip of the rod with the spring is seen in the pictures. I assume this shouldn't be the case as well because it should be in contact with the draft spool. I have suspicion that this tractor has been worked on before long ago because there is a mark on the big hex plug on the unloader where a wrench lost grip and pulled metal up. Also, it appears to have some gray RTV or some type of gray gasket making material on the PTO shaft housings. Add in how the draft piece in the clevis looked to be incorrect adds to my suspicion. Picture ending in 18 is when I walked up to the tractor. Both draft and position levers at the fender are fully forward. Picture ending 32 is position lever fully forward and draft lever full back. Picture ending 27 is where it is now with the draft piece out of the picture laying.
  3. That makes sense. Now question is how to free up that spool, because it appears to not be physically attached to the rod? I would have to pull the whole top cover off to expose the valve block?
  4. I'll get some clear pictures. May run home for lunch and I can get some then. The spool with the clevis, should that rod/spool move back and forth easily (no spring tension)? No matter where the position lever by the fender is, the rod with the clevis moves freely in and out by hand.
  5. Thanks. The adjusting hole cover is what I was calling the top link cover. I will check these this afternoon when I get home from work. One clarification: when I pulled the unloader valve block off and pulled the large plug out, I only pulled the one piece that was able to be pulled out. I did see another piece down in the valve block, but wasn't sure if that piece comes out too or not. On the piece that I did pull out, I looked at the orifice and it was clear. I also pushed on the bottom pin and it moved and had a lot of spring pressure in order to get it to move. Not the best pictures, but this is what I've taken thus far. More to come this evening!
  6. Have a IH 674 tractor that once started thrift arms raise no matter where the position lever is. Once up to max, can hear hydraulics load up and oil starts spraying out from under the unloader valve block. New orings under the unloader valve block too. Pulled the unloader block off and pulled the unloader valve out and checked the orifice, looks clean. I have the top link cover off and I've poked around o. The levers and nothing changes. Moved the draft lever and can see the linkages change, but nothing changes on the lift arms. Lift arms will gradually fall once the engine stops and a few hours have passed. Any help is appreciated and no problem starting over if someone is willing to give me some insight.
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