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  1. Where are you located and how much?
  2. It has been pined in three places before. Thanks
  3. Scott Johnson


    Are Td14a cylinder dead’s prone to cracking? I need a good head!?!
  4. I have a Td14a l am in need of at least two pistons and sleeves. Would greatly appreciate if someone had them for sale.
  5. I purchased this Dozer from an individual with problems that were present before he bought it, don’t know the backstory. Suspect the same thing. Injection pump has been rebuilt. TDC mark gone off crank pulley, I have found TDC and made mark but will not run at that location. Someone has removed the head because they left off caps on top of compression release valves !🙄 it starts and runs on gas smooth. I can move timing 3 to 10 teeth +- runs good just no power???
  6. I have the books that show the exact timing, however it will not run on these timing marks. If you move it for five teeth off, it will run but has no power.
  7. Hi, I have a Td14a that is about to drive me crazy, I cannot seem to get the injection pump timed. There is no marks on the Crankshaft pulley however I have found top dead center and made a mark. It will start on gas correctly but when switched over to diesel does not have any power. It will only run several teeth out of time???? Help!!!!
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