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  1. Thank you! Would you happen to have a website for them? The Dresser Industries I found does oil field pipeline actuators and pumps.
  2. Ya I was afraid of that. Thank you all for the help. I'm sure I'll be active in here as we get this old girl back up and operating.
  3. Thank you everyone! I have been to every auto parts store, machinery parts supply, and spoke with the Kamatsu dealer here in CO. Like someone said you can find the part number listed places but no one has it. I've even resorted to contacting filter manufacturers trying to find one of these. Hoping someone on here had a line on IH parts.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm new to the group. We have an early 1970's 3820 series A backhoe/loader and I cannot find a replacement transmission/hydraulic filter. If any one knows where I can purchase one please let me know. OEM part number is: 397 063 R1
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