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  1. Thanks it looks good in color I did buy the manual already with the link from Tom but it’s in black-and-white
  2. I know that’s right.. My steering it’s not power assisted it has a grease fitting at the base I’ve heard originally they were filled with 90w and then some were converted to just take grease, is this true?
  3. Thank you very much everyone, Matt and Tom especially, I am going to have to buy a manual soon but I wanted to know the fluid capacities and types so I can fill it back up before any rust occurs before I order the booklet. You are all Great people!
  4. Hello guys I’m brand new to the discussion and I am the new owner of a 1958 330 utility tractor I’m switching out all the old fluids and I would love to know how much and what type of fluid it takes for the transmission, engine, gearbox and hydraulic, thank you in advance!
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