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  1. Thanks Tom, that’s a big help. Much appreciated.
  2. Thanks Bitty, I believe that’s my problem but I can’t find a good picture to show it lined up properly
  3. Good morning, I have purchased a service manual for my tractor. It doesn’t show in great detail the linkage that goes from the governor into the carburetor. Can anyone recommend a manual or a place I can find a better view of this linkage? I have no throttle adjustment at the carburetor, I think the linkage is wrong. Thanks Gary
  4. Thank you so much Tom, that’s the information I was looking for. Much appreciated
  5. Changing the fluids I’m getting ready to change the fluids in the 1956 International 300 Utility. Any suggestions on what to put back in it? Thanks Gary ok, I meant engine oil and transmission, sorry.
  6. Funny you would ask that. I assumed everything was there when I bought it but upon inspection I have found that the alternator or generator is missing. It has a 12 volt battery in it so I again assumed it had been changed over. I’ll be buying an alternator kit I guess.
  7. Good Evening, Newbie here. Just purchased a 1956 300 Utility. I need all new guages, I see the ones from India for cheap, I think I already know but are these any good. Thanks Gary
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