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  1. Would that engine bolt up to the 766 or 856?
  2. I’m open to anything that that your D 361 will fit into. thank you!
  3. That would be great! Thank you so much.I talked to a guy that works for a salvage yard and he said he can find me a 806 with a bad motor for a good deal.
  4. @nomorejohndeere I would prefer a 806 d or something with that IH D engine it. But others that fit the bill May work.
  5. @hobbyfarmFor sure. I’m farm help seasonally.pays well which is really nice.
  6. Actually sold it. Back to square one.
  7. I was actually able to find a A with new rubber for 1000. Going to get it next weekend. It should get me started:)
  8. The M or a MD would probably do the trick. I just need something to haul a picking trailer. I don’t need a 3pt or a PTO. I spray with a backpack fogger. Not sure if you have any names in mind. MN area preferred.
  9. I know I’m not supposed to make posts about buying or selling on the forum but…. Im a FFA student that started a orchard and I’m looking for a project Farmall for restoration. I posted something similar on the project forum and somone suggested to post it here. Wondering if anyone has a 806 or 706 or something similar. I’ve got about a grand for the tractor itself. Thank you so much in advance for the help!
  10. Thank you guys. Wisconsin and MN. Also new on the forum didn’t know the rules. Built a orchard on FFA land this year from a grant and looking for something I can put a swing mower on for the orchard. I got a couple grand for the tractor restoration but only about 1000 maybe a little more for the tractor itself. it’s just so hard to find a 806 anymore with prices these days without breaking the bank.
  11. Looking for 806, 706, A or B for restoration. I’m a FFA student. $1000 budget for the tractor itself. Wondering if anyone has anything or knows of anybody that might have anything.
  12. Gabe


    Thank you!
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