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  1. It acts normal in neutral. You can start it without pushing clutch in . only dies when you pit in gear to take off . just like you have the brakes on. Can u post video on this sight because I can video exactly what its doing tonight when I get home??
  2. No. It acts normal in neutral. Should you be able to roll the tractor in neutral because u can not it acts like its in gear but you do not have to push in the clutch to start it. Like it should be.
  3. Thank you for ur help I will tackle that one after work tammarro.
  4. I'm not sure but it is the same shifting rod for reverse but straight back from reverse
  5. Except one of them doesn't seem to go all the way in gear like the other two ships and rods do. But it does go in that gear because when you let out on the clutch it tries to pull until it kills the engine
  6. They do appear to all be in line when in neutral but one of the levers doesn't seem to want to go all the way in like the other two do. I did Jack the rear tires up off the ground and when you try to turn them they will not turn. The brake pedal is lower I still have to adjust the adjuster from when I put the brakes on. What would you suggest pull the top off of the transmission looks like a pretty good job to me.
  7. I jacked up both wheels and the tires will not turn.
  8. I pulled it in I used it one time to pull a pickup truck out of a ditch and it started spinning the tires and wouldn't pull it up the hill so I unhooked it and put it up into the garage and that's where it's been ever since.
  9. Yes it goes in all gears
  10. I have a 1970 model 544 International tractor that I just bought I'm having problems with it won't move out of its tracks. It's a gear tractor with a TA. I don't know anything about the tractor I bought it at auction. I went through all the adjustment procedures on the clutch and the TA got all that right tried it all different ways every way possible and it still does the same thing. Free travel is good. Put the tractor in gear and try to take off it acts like you have your foot on the brake pedal but I don't. Does the same thing in all gears. It will kill the engine if you let all the way out on the clutch. I'm new to this so any help would be greatly appreciated because I don't know where to start.
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