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  1. So the bottom of the shaft with the fork in between the the two dowels sticking through it is what engages the reverse gear or is there another part to it?
  2. You got that right. We run a six row 900 behind a 1086. We reinforced the rows a couple years ago because a couple actually got bent slightly from rocks getting jammed in between. Constantly checking behind you for drag marks in the bad areas. 4-4.5 mph in 3low in bad spots 4low in better areas
  3. I'm hoping the plow day doesn't get rained out. My boy cousin and uncle plan on going.
  4. I wish crop land was $4,000 an acre in my area. It's not uncommon to see lane going for $8-$10,000/acre in SE MN or $250+/acre rent. I've done some rough math and the figure I come up say a guy would have to buy land at around 1/3 if it's value and not do much better than break even. This is with 50+ bushel beans and 200+ corn
  5. Thanks. That paints picture I can understand. Was wondering specifically with these tractors what parts are different but that definitely helps me understand how the ratios can be the same with the same block and head
  6. I've also heard the compression was decreased slightly in the 1206 by using a shorter piston or higher wrist pin but tractor data doesn't show that. They show a slightly shorter stroke but same compression
  7. Yea I always thought the block and head were the same but I know very little
  8. So the block is a little taller and that allows for the same compression with a longer stroke? Or is it all in the crankshaft?
  9. These guys are really something else on here. Any thought I can dream up about these tractors, gets answered within minutes on here. I wish there were forums for other facets of life that I could ask questions and get that kind of accurate and definitive answers for! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  10. Thanks! Yea I was under the impression that they had the same block just bored and stroked.
  11. I was bored one day and looking over tractor data and comparing the two models and found all of these models have the same 17:1 compression ratio. As far as I can tell they all have the same block and head. So the question I have is, how do they all have the same ratio if they have different stroke lengths if that's the case? Is it a different crank? Do the 56s actually have more compression and the 1206 less?
  12. Thoughts and prayers for your family. And respect for your hero son
  13. " Well there's a light in your eye that keeps shining, like a star that can't wait for the night" Led Zeppelin Fool in the Rain
  14. I'd say with the exception of the sentry the 88 series are pretty darn good tractors. Im not gonna get into issues my neighbor has had over the years with his JDs from his 4020 in the late sixties early 70s all the way until now with his new JD. I'd say considering all the money he put into them tractors I would've switched brands long ago. But, all brands/models have bugs. At least the sentry isn't anything major.
  15. Yea I don't mind talking to guys who aren't biased in equipment or vehicle brands but it's the guys who act like whatever brand they like doesn't have any flaws and/or everything else is junk that I get irritated. I can tell you that the neighbors across the road were/are die hard JD guys but there was zero envy coming from my family's side of the road. But there are guys that act like everything JD put out there was gold and they weren't any better than anybody else.
  16. If we wanna say that a tractor models shortcomings are a myth because you need to run it a certain way or keep things adjusted right, then we can say the same about a t/a. My dad and grandad NEVER had to split a tractor because a t/a went out. They replaced the t/a in the 1086 when they put in a new clutch because there was fear of wear since it was believed the t/a wasn't releasing properly in the cable linkage. The 1066 they replaced the t/a when they put a clutch in 10 years ago or so because they had it apart so figured they might as well replace it. All they did was use the t/a when they needed it, and used it as another gear ratio when round baling or chopping. And made sure it was adjusted correctly.
  17. Oh I don't doubt for a second that a 730D gets far better fuel efficiency than a 450 gas. I was talking about pulling power. I was told on here that a 720 would pull a whole bottom more than any other tractor in its class at that time. I was just pointing out that a 450 put up near the same numbers in some areas and even better in others. But you know how JD guys are.
  18. Oh I'm pretty sure you used diesel because that's what makes your argument sound the best. You would t happen to know which was the highest selling fuel type for the 450 would you? I highly doubt it was diesel or LP. And if that's the case they're still pretty darn close
  19. That's funny because I was getting my numbers from Nebraska as well. I was comparing gas to gas since that would've been the most common fuel at that time. And on both drawbar and pto they were a couple hp apart which I'm my book doesn't put the 720 on a whole other level like you're making it sound. The 450 actually beat it pretty handily in the max pull but had more weight on it so that's not apples to apples. But again I would say they're in the same league
  20. First of all I do t know where you're getting your numbers from. A 720 and 450 are right in the same ball park hp wise and I don't believe for a second that they'd outperform other brands like you say. Second of all I don't care if they'll pull ten bottoms, you could t pay me enough to sit on one all day
  21. The most significant reason you would take a 66 series over a late 20 or 30 series JD is confidence it's gonna start on the cold fall days. I've heard that the ih engine is superior in every other way but I don't know that for sure because I've never seen them compared side by side. Now I do know about how they start because my dads neighbor who bleeds green complains about it to this day. Depends on what's important to you
  22. What I meant was there was probably a difference between what our family's used their tractors for and expected out of them. The only thing I've heard about a W9 is the wife's grandpa had one and said he was disappointed in its pulling power but also says an M is a good tractor. Now, I wasn't alive back in the 50s but you wanna bring up how many plows your big two cylinders would pull but I'd have to argue that other brands could pull one less bottom a fair amount faster and get just as much done at the end of the day. Again my opinion would be they shouldn't have made it out of the 50s. Todays market says you need to have a $1000 cell phone. That doesn't mean I agree with it
  23. May be a difference in what they used them for
  24. Sorry for posting that so many times, I thought it wasn't submitting.
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