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  1. Do you have a brand and model that you recommend if I end up buying it?
  2. I didn't look at it that close but maybe that's the case. It did start fine. I just talked to my dad a couple hours ago and he said the same thing you do. He doesn't line the two battery set up and if it's a legit set up to just leave it. But yea, I'm no expert on this stuff but they did convert it to two cables.
  3. I'm in a bidding war on it as I'm sure you'd imagine. Just to clarify, I meant don't outbid me on it, I wasn't implying you'd ever steal anything!!
  4. My dads 1086 has long axles like that. They're nice when you run an in furrow plow with axle mounted hubs because then you have room to throw a dual on for digging or chisel plowing. The 5488 has shorter axles and we don't quite get the right measurement with the hub at the end of the axle but it works I guess
  5. I got the green light from the wife. What's it worth? They switched it over to one 12 volt car battery. Do they make a larger battery with more cranking amps that would work better? It starts ok now but im afraid once it gets cold she'd have to sit especially since the block heater has the cord yanked out.
  6. It has the deluxe air cleaner, what are the advantages of that?
  7. I'm no mechanic but that's the only sense I could make of it, thanks!
  8. There's also a grease hose hanging out of the bottom of the clutch housing. Any ideas what that would be for?
  9. I test drove a 1456 today and there is an oil leak where I marked in blue in picture. What kind of a job is it, and/or how does a guy fix this?
  10. Yea the black stripes are definitely cool too. I'm getting the wife wore down to let me have 1 more, if I ask for two I'm afraid it'll blow up in my face!
  11. I'll concede that common sense tells you that a heavier tractor with more ci and a fair amount more db hp should out pull the smaller tractor. I basically just found some info to stir the pot a little along with giving ih a little respect. But like I said before in this thread I think ih was thinking more 4wd and awd when it comes to heavy tillage and knowing what we know now I don't think anybody will argue that was wrong. It's not their fault the market wasn't ready for it. And I don't consider a 6030 an all purpose tractor. I've never heard anybody talk about how well their 6030 did on the feed mill or cultivator it's always how much they pulled with it.
  12. Im not claiming anything, I'm passing along recorded data from a test done by a respected group that still does it today. I get that the tests are flawed since they don't put the same amount of ballast on every tractor but a 6030 still weighs 500 pounds more than the 1586 does with ballast so you're getting as even of a playing field as you're gonna get. I cant say decisively which one would out do the other. There are some that make it sound like there were absolutely no other tractors even the 6030s league and i found proof that's not true. Im pretty sure a guy could put 24.5" tires on a 1586 if he wanted to
  13. Ooooweee that's a beautiful tractor! I grew up with 66 and 86 tractors but it wasn't until I saw a restored 1206 at a pull that I started seeing tractors as not just a tool for a job, but a thing of beauty!
  14. Our 5488 consistently gets .75-.8 gallons per acre pulling a 25' JD 960 with long spike style drag digger 3-4" deep. I haven't figured it out pulling the chisel plow yet though
  15. I mentioned the 1586 because I couldn't find a test for the 1566 and figured it would be very similar since they're basically the same tractor besides the cab and where the fuel tank is. I looked it up because there was a JD party on here and thought I'd share what I found to give a little different outlook on it.
  16. Yea good call on that. The 6030 did edge out the 1586 by a couple hundred pounds when the 1586 was tested with bias. However, if we wanna talk about tires we gotta be fair because the 6030 had 20.8 vs 18.4s on the 1586. And you can just as readily put 20.8s on a 1586. I also know there's a big difference between 18.4s and 20.8s since the old man has 18.4 x 42 radials on the 5488 and 20.8x38 bias on the 5288. And the 52 gets better traction and my dad swears it'll flat out pull the 54. I hate to admit it since I like the 54 better but I'd have to agree. Not to mention again but the 6030 weighed more at testing.
  17. The 6030 was tested with more hp and drawbar hp than the 1586. I'm just pointing out it's not always black and white. 1586 pulled 16,665 and 6030 did 15,303. 6030 outweighed 1586 by around 500 pounds. 806 was tested with around 2,000 of ballast (loaded tires no iron) and 4020 was tested with well over 5,000 pounds of ballast (loaded tires and iron). I'm not saying these numbers make one tractor better than the other overall just showing the JD guys who love to crow about these tractors that there is a possibility they could be wrong. Heck the 5020 out pulled the 6030 at the tests but it weighed over 21,000 pounds at testing too
  18. Yup. I hate to break up the coronation of the 5010-6030 as being the undisputed king of muscle tractors but the 1586 beat the 6030 in max drawbar pull in Nebraska. And that's both with duals and the 6030 out weighing the 1586 by 500 pounds
  19. Boy, id love to be able to walk out to the shed to see them bad boys sitting there. I can only hope to have one someday. We already have big 66 86 and 88 series to farm with so it would be a toy. Do either or both have the snort to them like a good 806 when you crack the throttle? I'd have to assume so. My 806 seams to have more attitude than even our 1066!
  20. I might be putting the cart in front of the horse here just a little but I was wondering which you guys think is the better tractor and/or would rather have. I'm thinking about buying one not because I need one but because I want one. I love my 806 so I'd like to see what a bigger one is like. I'd use it for probably some pulling, plowing for fun and drives. I think the 1206 is by far the nicest looking tractor ever made when restored but I don't think I wanna pay the premium price for one and think the 56s look better with some patina. And out of the 56 series I was thinking 1456 because that's the biggest of that platform.
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