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  1. We have a 65hp John Deere at work, (I believe it's a 2007 or so),with what they call a "Power Reverser" ive never looked in the book to see if you should clutch it or not, it just seams right to me. It comes in very handy on that loader tractor and must've been quite an innovation in the mid-late sixties.
  2. Yes right. It's not like they make them anymore. Just wants to figure out what a fair offer would be
  3. The oil is dripping out of the plate on the upper left of this picture. Almost looks to be squirting at times which I'm thinking may be from the fan blowing on it under there
  4. He said they recently fixed that with an o ring and sealer. I really wish I could get the video to upload so you can see where and how much is dripped out underneath
  5. He's almost positive it's engine oil. It leaks steadily too
  6. Sorry. I shoulda got more and better info before I started this post but it's kinda time sensitive. I didn't even put a headline on the topic
  7. It sounds like engine oil. I asked him the same question. Would the power steering be leaking if it was just sitting and running? He would also like to know what it would cost (ball park) to have the crankshaft seal replaced by a mechanic.
  8. It sounds like it's just wet around there but the bad leak is dripping down below onto that guard pan that bolts on underneath the subframe.
  9. I was thinking where it's coming from and how much that it could be the front main seal?
  10. I can't get the video he sent me to load but that is just seeping a little I guess. The video would show that it has a constant dripping and coming out the front of that plate that bolts on underneath the front end. This is a picture of the video.
  11. So my cousin is looking at an 856 and there is a leak coming out of the seam in the cover to the left of the breather tube. I have limited info as he has been texting me about it but it is leaking pretty steadily underneath the front end under the pulley area. We are wondering what it is, how serious it is how much of a job to fix it
  12. It shifts outstanding. It was upgraded with the 56/66 shifter and it's one of the best shifting tractors on the farm. Everything works great no noises
  13. Thanks again guys, you have been extremely helpful
  14. Would I need a new gasket for the side cover or the top shift cover if/when I remove them?
  15. Yes the bolt is 1/2"x1 3/4". Any more info on getting to the area it came out of would be appreciated
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