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  1. Thanks, I think the unsync’d box just has engaged or disengaged, no neutral. Make me wondering what the practical purpose or reason is for the neutral selection on the sync’d box
  2. Hi, was wondering if someone could help me out with a couple of questions. The picture of the speed reducer lever in my owners manual isn’t very clear (see first pic). I have a synchronised 844xl so am looking at the top left pic, I can just about see a ‘B’ but not the A or C positions for the reducer lever. Are these the correct positions (pic below) so engaged fully down? Also what’s the difference between disengaged and neutral for the reduction lever? Thanks in advance.
  3. Good plan. Thanks for the reply, will give this a go.
  4. Slowly making my way through the service schedule and checking things over on my 844xl. I removed the suction strainer today to clean, but noticed that part of the mesh was damaged. I thought it would be best to just replace it, but I can’t find a replacement online, so a couple of questions 1) Does anyone know where I could get a replacement, preferably in the uk? 2) Does it definitely need replacing, I kind of thinking it does but happy to take advice. thanks all ed
  5. I’ve recently purchased an IH Case 844xl. I’ve been checking through the electrics and lights and was wondering if anyone had an list of what each of the fuses in the fuse box were for? The manual I purchased doesn’t cover those specifics, just that they’re 8 and 16 amp fuses. It also looks like a previous owner had put some 23 amp fuses in there. The fuses are numbered 1 to 15.
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