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  1. Pulled the pump and took in to the local injection repair shop. He told me it is gummed up from fuel sitting and wants $895. That seems a bit stout for a couple of hours labor and a seal kit, no hard parts. Am I wrong or am I in the wrong business? A repower needs to be done but I need water asap, it will be 109 tomorrow so I do not have a choice now, but a repower will happen this winter. I have a 6bta that will save a bunch on fuel with the throttle barely cracked working on that pump. Is todays diesel really that crappy that you cant let an engine set for 6 or 8 months? What do you guys do to avoid this, fuel conditioners do not last long enough. Shut the fuel off and run it dry every fall? I do not have fuel issues in any other engines.
  2. This pump was running great the end of last years irrigation season, it was shut off and put away for the winter. We pulled it out to service it for this year, changed all the fuel and oil filters, changed the oil, verified fuel to the pump, replaced a couple of weeping gaskets. stuck a water hoes in the pump and tried to fire it up, no smoke at all. It barked on ether. I can hear the fuel shut off solenoid pulling but still the fuel rack isn't allowing fuel. I pulled the solenoid cap off and drained the cavity so I can see the gov spring and linkages. I cannot make any of the levers move at all with my fingers. This pump was r/b by an injector shop about 4 years ago. What is my next move? If it needs to go back to the inj repair shop we will probably junk the engine and repower with a turbo powered engine or PTO driven. Can afford to drop $1200 every 4 yrs. to keep it running. The cattle market will not allow it, lol.
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