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  1. If it gets to that point there will be much larger things to be concerned about than getting some gasoline to mow your grass.
  2. There isn’t an option for heavy equipment, aviation, shipping, rail, etc. We are looking at decades.
  3. I doubt they recommend the livestock option. Meat is bad for the planet, dontcha know? The EU have themselves in a predicament. It should be something we care about because we’ve seen what happens in Europe when they all can’t just get along.
  4. Having your own solar depends on a number of things. How long you’re going to live in your house and how much electricity you consume are probably the two biggest factors. Different areas have different rules on how the power company buys your excess electricity. If they’re paying you wholesale cost and still charging you retail the ROI is much longer than if the excess is purchased at retail. The EU countries pay much higher fuel costs so the EV option pays for itself more quickly than in the US. China can turn out cheap EVs, they don’t have as many legacy Dino burners as other countries.
  5. You’ve left out the fact that you can generate your own electricity. Once the fuel is in the vehicle the EV is way more efficient, that’s not propaganda. A Diesel engine can operate around 30% efficiency, gasoline is much lower. Electricity is just a different fuel type. It works for most of the population’s day to day needs right now. The automakers are going all in on EV passenger vehicles in the near future. That ship has left the dock. The US is lagging behind many other countries in EV adoption when considered with population. Debating numbers and facts and figures on a forum is fun and hopefully we all learn a few things. However, the switch to EVs is well underway and that is probably not going to be reversed at this point. There will be fossil fueled powered vehicles for a long time into the future because right now there isn’t an alternative in some uses and it takes a long time to build enough vehicles to replace them.
  6. Electricity generation in the US comes from a variety of sources which is a good thing. We have been able to build out production to meet demand as the electrical needs have increased and population has shifted from northern states to the southeast and southwest.
  7. The fact remains that even if the US pumps enough oil to not need to import oil there isn’t enough refining capacity to make all the fuel we need. The switch to EVs will take decades to replace all the ICE vehicles currently registered in the US. Ford Lightning, Rivian Truck, Tesla are all sold out well into the future. They can’t build them nearly fast enough. To replace 200+ million vehicles will take a long time. Ag, forestry, aviation, construction, long haul trucking, shipping, rail and other industries will be burning diesel for a long time into the future because there aren’t alternatives. If you figure all the power losses for electricity from start to finish you’d need to do the same for oil. The most efficient gasoline ICE is about 25% and that is not including the energy used for extracting, transporting, refining, transporting again and again, pumping losses, etc. The NG at 53% is over double the efficiency of the best gas ICE. Renewables operate even more efficiently, the wind and sun and water are free after you build the infrastructure. Several of the articles I’ve read stated that it was least expensive before subsidies. All forms of energy- gas, ethanol, wind, solar,etc- are all subsidized. It’s very difficult to make comparisons if you want to include costs and inefficiencies that exist with all forms of energy. Most of us have never given much thought to how much energy is used to get a tankful of diesel from crude in the ground to the fuel in the pump at the local Pilot station.
  8. The US is the worlds leading producer of oil. However the refining capacity is near 100%. Renewables are actually the least expensive by kWh. See above about US oil production. The US cannot refine enough fuel for our demand. Overall energy use is much less with an EV compared to ICE. An EV operates at ≈90% efficiency. Gasoline ICE operates at ≈20% efficiency with most of gasoline’s energy wasted as heat. From a 20 gallon gas tank the energy from only about 4 gallons of fuel is used to move the vehicle, the other 16 gallons are wasted. Heat pumps are the most efficient use of electricity for heating in temperatures above single digits. Electricity can be generated from many different sources. That is one of its greatest attributes.
  9. Yep, we could have more refining capacity but doesn’t look like that will happen. Using the fuel we can produce as efficiently as possible is the best solution at this point.
  10. The US refining capacity is running at about 90+% capacity. Pumping more oil won’t help if we still need to import fuel because of lack of refining capacity. The US is still pumping a lot of oil every day.
  11. Not an EV driver nor think that electricity just comes out of a wall socket. Would you rather save the oil for doing heavy work such as ag, mining, trucking and use more economical and efficient electricity for day to day commuting and short haul work? The USA has the capability to make all the electricity we could ever consume. Just presenting an alternative view on the trainload of coal. Is it better to burn US mined coal for electricity or import oil?
  12. I’m near Indianapolis and haven’t heard about this.
  13. It’s not new for recommended service. I’m with most everyone else here where the only time I’ve done it is when replacing brake lines or calipers or something like that. Most of my vehicles are 10+ years old, I should do it to all of them. But my “to-do” list is long. It’s in the same area of the list as power steering fluid flush and fill.
  14. I’ve been there twice on the US side, once in late winter and once in the summer. It is an impressive sight, and sound. Winter was neat because the mist was frozen in everything around there. A walk out to Goat Island is interesting and gives you a feeling of how powerful the water is. I can’t imagine going over that in a barrel, or anything for that matter.
  15. Rotary rakes seem to make the best windrows. I run either a NH Rollabar or a wheel rake. I prefer the wheel rake, makes better windrows, fewer parts, and can lift it up when you need to go over something. Nice work with the hay! Real nice set of tractors too.
  16. My wife bought a mini Jersey heifer a couple years ago for what seemed to be too good of a price. I need her with our mini Hereford bull to make sure she was fertile. A few days ago she dropped a bull calf. He seems to have mostly Hereford markings but with the frame of a Jersey. Now that I know she is a breeder we may AI her with a mini Jersey bull and keep fingers crossed for a full bred mini Jersey heifer calf.
  17. If that’s all original still I’d leave it that way. Work on the mechanicals as needed. Don’t see too many of that version M in any condition.
  18. Sometimes getting rained on when camping is much different than being outside all the time, or even just 2/3 of the year. Keeping it under a roof much as possible and out of direct sun and kept dry during freeze/thaw cycles is probably the biggest help I think the Dicor sealant works with aluminum.
  19. There’s a nice condition #10 drill coming up for auction soon. There are not grass boxes on the drill. Are those fairly easy to find and add on later? Any comments or things to look at/watch outs on that model drill?
  20. Very nicely done! I’m curious about the picker too. That would really be a show stopper with a restored picker mounted on it
  21. Would any of those have prevented this tragedy? Are any of these in place in certain states? Is gun violence less where rules such as these are in place?
  22. This is what I am thinking too. A bunch of hoses and tubing on the outside is going to be damaged much more easily in transport or use.
  23. So what can be done “to fix the problem”?
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