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  1. Yes. Was planning on putting 3.55's in em
  2. That makes 100% sense. But I ended up getting a leaf on a D360 I think im going to purchase now. Differences between this and the dt are the crank and block. Also the dt360 has 4.001 bore and 4.72 or 4.75 stroke where the d360 has a 3.88 bore and 5.001 stroke I belive so it'll be a monster for torque. I might look into boring it out a little and re sleeving and pistons to 4" roughly.
  3. Yup I believe that's what it is. Definitely drums but tags are broken off the axles. From what I can tell it's a Dana 60
  4. It is a 4 speed manual so I'm hoping it's the 205, I went a little stir crazy once I found out about these trucks and finally found one. Just can't figure out a motor for it
  5. I believe mine is the 205, haven't had time to crawl under and find out though.
  6. I have a 360, just wanting to get away from gas though. Will post pictures once I have progress
  7. Won't be being resold as it was just brought back into the family, but I appreciate it
  8. I had a lead on a dt466, issue came out as would have to doghouse the cab to allow it to fit because they are so long. If I remember correctly it was 44" from the back of the head to front of water pump. Only issue I find with a dt360 is what trani to run behind it
  9. My father has a 89 swapped cummins and his doesn't seem to vibrate much, the cabs in my opinion are much better built in the older days though. Good to know about imbalance though. Never thought about that
  10. It has the Dana 60 actually, no power steering assist either, I know the previous owner and it wasn't put on for some reasons
  11. I've heard of a few people doing it but haven't been able to openly talk to them about it. They are about 400lbs heavier than a Cummins I believe
  12. I've heard of a few people doing it but haven't been able to openly talk to them about it. They are about 400lbs heavier than a Cummins I believe
  13. Sorry I just now am responding still trying to understand the app, im not tech friendly. The dt360 is nearly the exact size of a Cummins to my knowledge other than weight and an inch or 2 bigger here and there. I belive I do have. The np205 divorced, i know it is divorced just not sure which one it is. Most cane with an A pump from what I read and it is possible to convert to a p pump just expensive.
  14. Hey guys I'm new here but I have been doing some research and wondering if ya'll could help me out. I have a 73 highboy I want to put a dt360 in. I go into the mountains a lot and lots of hills out here. How would this motor handle this? I've read some say not well and others say just fine. And if it will handle it this build is going to be to tow. So I want to make enough torque and horsepower to keep up with my father's fumminz build. With that being said what would be the best trani to run and what mods can be done to this motor? I've heard you can resleeve a dt466 to the internals of a 530 minus the crank of the 530. Is there anything like that for the 360? I've got lots of questions so any help is appreciated!
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