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  1. Hi matbush The front tire sizes listed here are not fir front wheel assist. My tractor is a front wheel assist with 11.2 24 on the front
  2. Hi Matbush Thanks for the info
  3. Thanks for the info guys. I am in manitoba. But for the price of custom made new rims...i would be willing to take a holiday for some good used ones
  4. I would prefer to keep original rim size. I was wondering what the consequences might be if I put the slightly shorter 18.4 30 to the front axel. As for the serial number. See picture
  5. Hi everyone. Im looking for rear rims for an 844 SA 4wd tractor. Tire size is 16.9 x 34 I have access to some 18.4 x 30 rims off of a 724 but not sure if the different size will mess with the front end. Any advice is much appreciated. thanks
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