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  1. I believe the other half is hidden behind the timing cover.
  2. Sorry. I believe it is a 1958 farmall 560 diesel. D282 engine.
  3. I’m no mechanic by far. To the tractor shop she’ll go. Thank y’all.
  4. Any tips on how hard it’s going to be to remove and replace the freeze plug on the front of the engine directly below the water pump?
  5. Ok I think I got it figured out. Yes the bolt going to that particular hole was too short which caused the damage there. We got that fixed and the leak stopped there. I’m the middle of the water pump up under there is a half circle in the block. I believe it is a freeze plug. That is where the majority of coolant is coming from after I got everything put back together. I’m going to have a machine shop check the block for any other problems and replace the freeze plug. I’ll include a pick to help show where the water is coming from. Thanks to who all responded.
  6. Yes. The three pieces came out and now it’s cupped. I had a mechanic come over. He said if what he did today doesn’t work the next step is jb weld and sand it down flush. If that doesn’t work then take the block to a machinist or find a good block. ?
  7. It leaks. I’ll give it a try. Crack gets a little worse the few times I gently tighten up on the bolt. Maybe I’ll have a machinist look at it.
  8. I got around to changing water pump out today and it still leaks. I found the leak. It’s a crack beside a bolt hole. I’ll add a pic. Is there anyway to stop the leak? Shoot me straight fellas, I feel it’s doomed.
  9. From the best I can tell the rubber and clamps are ok. It seems to be leaking from a top bolt that I am having the dickens getting to. I don’t remember it doing this ever before. Like it just happened.
  10. Yes it appears to be the oil cooler. Found identical part on eBay.
  11. I have went through my service manual and can’t seem to find this particular piece.
  12. Got my glow plugs in yesterday. Fires up pretty good. Two problems I got now. It drips green coolant when engine is more than idle???? left side of tractor behind frame it was dripping oil pretty good when you crunk it up today. It’s coming from a flat plate. That’s the best way I can describe it. I’ll include a picture. Thanks in advance.
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