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  1. Thanks guys... Not a lot different than a trailer. Thought I'd better ask!! LOL!
  2. I have a '58 Farmall 350 (gas) with a SpeeCo wide front end. Can someone tell me how much torque to put on the castle nut? I'm re-packing the wheel bearings.
  3. Yeah - me neither - tooooo much on there I don't need to know about or see.
  4. That one will go well over 200lbs - CONGRATS Little Britches!!
  5. Maybe the daughter is on Facebook...???
  6. Hard to beat a '66 Chevelle Super Sport... JMO... First car I bought - a beast!! There's one restored near me - Micky Thompson wrinkle walls with Cragar Mags on the front and deep dish chrome reverse on the rear - complete with an 8 track tape player - LOL!!
  7. On our knees to the Throne of Grace and Mercy on your behalf!!
  8. Love the pic with the little guy helping drive the tractor - too precious!!
  9. I'm glad I'm not a mouse or a rabbit!!
  10. The world is full of dirtbags... So sorry to hear you lost a family heirloom to one of them.
  11. Put the metal in a vise - Heat up the metal with a torch and bend it. Weld up where the sides come together and you're done... Pathfinder fabrication 101...
  12. Not positive but believe around 1933 to 1935. I do know that the production period was short. My grand dad had one with a peep sight... I have no idea where it went... I did manage to get his 1936 Remington Model 41 TargetMaster and it's a great shooting rifle - bolt action but single shot. I love these old guns and have a few... your Model 47 in a true CLASSIC!!!
  13. Wonder what Calif will do with all those old batteries that will no longer hold a charge?
  14. Same here along with Horned Owls - which are pretty darn big... Love it when they get going unless it's about 3AM!! LOL!
  15. You made his day because you showed him you care about him... not just a bunch of words that really meant nothing, but by action!! Not that tough to do, but you know how most folks are these days!!
  16. This thread is really cool!! Keep it coming Gents!
  17. We can easily get three cuttings a year IF the rain hold off...
  18. Got quite a bit put up out of this pasture...
  19. That's really cool! How about a belt pulley on that press!! Get her up to about 1200RPMs!! LOL!
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