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  1. This thread is really cool!! Keep it coming Gents!
  2. We can easily get three cuttings a year IF the rain hold off...
  3. Got quite a bit put up out of this pasture...
  4. That's really cool! How about a belt pulley on that press!! Get her up to about 1200RPMs!! LOL!
  5. I had the same thing happen with a 350 RC (gas)... except my old thermostat was working but don't see how!! Your new thermostat looks like the one I got for the 350.
  6. I'd love to have one of those! Thanks for posting...
  7. Yes sir I am... 1970 to 1971 - Camp Eagle in S. Vietnam. 101Pathfinder Detachment / Recon Team 21 (Call sign - Alabama) When I came back to the "world" I was assigned to the 18th Corps at Ft. Bragg. Were you in the 101st?
  8. Yep - They last a long time. My Uncle had 2 Lincoln AC welders - a round top and a flat top. Can't remember the names offhand, but they did the job. But.... he had the skill set to operate those things -me? Not so much. LOL!!
  9. I replaced my original gauge with an expensive one, because it never would register squat. The new one doesn't register either... So - I just check the coolant and drive on... I attribute it all to the bypass...
  10. I'm thinking Oxy - AC to get that door open...
  11. What a cool thread... need more contributors... My Grandfather was good friend with a man named Otto Rudd who owned a JD dealership in Hanson, KY Mr Rudd also did wood working and built a cedar chest for my Grandfather who gave it to my mother for her 12th birthday. That would have been in 1920. I passed it on to our daughter a few years ago. I can remember hanging around the dealership with my Grandfather and listening to hunting stories and "tractor talk". Some of the best memories I have.
  12. The more "goodies" they add - the more that can go wrong... I miss my vent windows... But I love my Tundra.
  13. Wow - How cool is that... better be extra "good" to him this Christmas!! 🙂
  14. Nice truck... Do you keep that locked up at night...?? 😁
  15. It needs a beveled mag well... JMHO...
  16. Thanks for the pics my man!! Never been there - did ride up to the Twin Cities to watch the start of the Iron Butt Rally ride. My wife and I need to get up there along with the Upper P....
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