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  1. You and me both - I'd probably put it in my living room and just look at it all year!
  2. Yeah - dummy me... went back and saw the carb...
  3. I like it!! I always thought the headlights mounted in the fenders like that on the 666 was cool! My "dream machine".
  4. ... burn a little oil and leak a little trans oil... But she still can do the job!!
  5. They can dig a hole!!!! Around here it's whistle pigs (ground hogs) Didn't see any for a few years but they have become "prolific" once again...
  6. Yep - planes crash as well. That said, helicopters don't glide!! Don't ask me how I know that!
  7. Nice rig and good look'n tractors - have a great time!!
  8. I know a guy who has a 706... German diesel with the 540/1000 pto. Great machine...
  9. Neighbors across the road got their Kioti 5010 buried in a horse manure pile. Came over and asked me if I thought I could get it out. Fired up the 350 and never spun a wheel... These smaller homestead models don't have much weight to them, especially with "turf" tires. No experience with any others like Mahindra or Kubota but I imagine they are on the "light" side as well. The more add on gizmos, the more that can go wrong and leave you hoofing it to the house. Seems to be a lot of "safety" disconnects on equipment anymore that shut the whole operation down. Hard to replace common sense with electronics.
  10. It looks cheap and you should get rid of it for no more than 10 bucks... PM me and I'll send my address... LOL! Sweeeeeet looking tractor... Yes - I'm green with envy.
  11. Man - What a trailer!! Sweet looking tractors!
  12. ... as it should be... Pick up your trash lazy boys!!
  13. That's really cool - thanks for sharing!
  14. On our knees in S. Illinois...
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