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  1. Yeah - me neither - tooooo much on there I don't need to know about or see.
  2. That one will go well over 200lbs - CONGRATS Little Britches!!
  3. Maybe the daughter is on Facebook...???
  4. Hard to beat a '66 Chevelle Super Sport... JMO... First car I bought - a beast!! There's one restored near me - Micky Thompson wrinkle walls with Cragar Mags on the front and deep dish chrome reverse on the rear - complete with an 8 track tape player - LOL!!
  5. On our knees to the Throne of Grace and Mercy on your behalf!!
  6. Love the pic with the little guy helping drive the tractor - too precious!!
  7. I'm glad I'm not a mouse or a rabbit!!
  8. The world is full of dirtbags... So sorry to hear you lost a family heirloom to one of them.
  9. Put the metal in a vise - Heat up the metal with a torch and bend it. Weld up where the sides come together and you're done... Pathfinder fabrication 101...
  10. Not positive but believe around 1933 to 1935. I do know that the production period was short. My grand dad had one with a peep sight... I have no idea where it went... I did manage to get his 1936 Remington Model 41 TargetMaster and it's a great shooting rifle - bolt action but single shot. I love these old guns and have a few... your Model 47 in a true CLASSIC!!!
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