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  1. Also, when it's done cooking, let it sit for 20-30 min outside the fryer. It will finish cooking the inside.
  2. Around here the school switched to a 4 day week. They go in earlier and get out later. They also have a lot of days off. The school does run a day care program for any parents that work. I think it cost $1 or $2 a day and runs every day from about 7am to 7pm. It also runs on all days that the school is not in session with the exception of major holidays.
  3. It's not like any antenna for internet that I have ever seen or used. I don't see any cables. With the spikes, I wonder if it's just to keep bigger birds from landing on the pole.
  4. Makes me think about me running the old 430 square baler behind the 1466 this summer. The tractor was sitting there and I didn't feel like unhooking one of the smaller ones.
  5. I would change the hydraulic filter first. Cheap and easy first step.
  6. Ended up paying $140/ea at Cook's. Thanks for telling me about that place. Got the weights put on and drove right out. The front end was still a little light and had to use the brakes to steer but it's a whole lot better than it was before. Finished up that field and waiting for the rain to stop before moving to the next field. I really should have already had all this finished last fall. I will admit it goes by quick with my 20ft and dad using the 10ft.
  7. Southern Mo, right in the middle of the Ozark mountains. No one around here really has tractors this big. It's all steep hillsides and only suitable for cattle. I wish I could grain farm, just don't have the land for it.
  8. I was getting quotes for $1200 to ship a full rack of weights. I came very close to making a 900 mile round trip instead.
  9. yeah, that was my thought to. We already have 3 loaders right now. I missed an auction where they went for $80/ea but the cost of shipping was way out of my range.
  10. I just need to weigh the front end down. It gets too lite when driving up hill. We dont have this issue with the other tractor that has a loader. I like running the duals on this one though for driving across the side slopes.
  11. That auction is 500 miles away unfortunately. It's very hard to pay $250/ea for the weights. I have been trying every salvage yard I can find. I spin out and slide downhill every time I try to back up. I always made it through on these hillsides until I decided to upgrade to a 20ft brush hog from the 10ft lol. This Saturday I am going to make another drive. Nothing else, I am going to look for a front end loader to put on it.
  12. Anyone know where I could find a set of front weights for a 1466 near southern mo? I already have the front bracket. I have been looking forever and cant find any. I have checked by craigslist, auctions and driving around. Right now I got my tractor stuck at the bottom of a hill with the brush hog and cant climb out without the front end coming up off the ground lol.
  13. Wolfraider


    I am not optimistic about 2022 cause we all have to remember, it's 2020 "two" lol
  14. I have the old 430 baler. Used to miss every other bale but I shimmed the knives out a hair and it will miss 1 out of every couple hundred. The only odd thing about it is it will make a very lopsided bale. The string furthest away from the pickup will always be a few inches longer. Used to make 20,000 bales a year with it but now it only does a couple hundred every couple of years.
  15. I have heard good things about these and dont need as many light sockets. https://www.menards.com/main/electrical/light-bulbs/led-light-bulbs/gt-lite-reg-750w-equivalent-4-panel-daylight-led-light-bulb/gt-bu-g150/p-5239772154501472-c-7482.htm?tid=-6543628416011869422&ipos=5
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