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  1. Frank.nl Thank you so much! That makes sense that they would be the same. Thanks again!
  2. Hi everyone, Just acquired a 1949 OS4 and had a question regarding the throttle linkage. It has a throttle level mounted on the left fender, but I'm thinking this is not factory. Not quite sure what I am missing or what the factory linkage looks like. Was wondering if anyone has photos of their throttle linkage? Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, Has a question about the rear end in my newly acquired 1949 OS4. The bull gears seem extremely noisy compared to my 1944 H tractor. I changed the oil and there was some water in it, but not a horrible amount. Put new 80W-90 in it and it got a little quieter, but still likes to growl. The transmission shifts fine and there are no other noises. Wasn't sure if this was just the nature of the beast or if I need to take the deck off and explore. Thanks!
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