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  1. Hello everyone, I need to buy a 3 point seeder/spreader for a 656...anyone recommend any brand over another? Don
  2. Thank you! Doing that tomorrow morning right after a HIGHLY needed haircut ?.
  3. YES it is the same tractor....I really like the tractor BUT alas the dealer I bought it from was not so forthright and sold me a tractor with some issues that I have been overcoming since purchase...But its mine now and I will make it the tractor I was lead to believe I was getting
  4. As I was crawling around it tonight I noticed that the FOUR bolts that hold the front Bolster Assembly Lower on were loose or missing! Two were loose one was snug and ONE is gone. So now its back to the parts book. It doesn't look like the locking washers were installed? I have waited and saved for a long time to get this tractor. It appears the previous owner took a few shortcuts. Can I source these bolts at Home Depot or Lowes or Tractor Supply????
  5. Here are the pics...YES the tractor is new to me and YES I will be removing the Flames and Fireball stickers...
  6. I have a row crop (tricycle) HYDRO. It appears that my brake set up is sorta a hybrid of them both. It has the finger loop brake lock BUT when I look at both pages in the book< i think you are right about which spring I should buy. Thank you for the help. I will post a pic of my brake setup today.
  7. One of my brake springs (396314R1) broke. Looking to buy two springs now. I can only find 1 place that actually has them "physically" in stock...but they want $50.00 per spring AND 23.00 for shipping (1-4 days) .... Anyone know of a substitute part or someplace better to get these? I do not mind folks making a profit,,,,but it just seems a little steeeeeep. Don
  8. After a lot of tire kicking and have two sellers crawfish on our deals I bought the 656 Hydro. I have a wide front end for it shipping to me next week. I will be on the look out for a loader and learning how to plumb another hydraulic set to the rear. The tractors drives very nice the Hydro works very well. I am happy with this tractor. I look forward to learning everything I can about this tractor. I do intend to repaint and rebadge it to its original form...it is not one shade of Red right now
  9. HAHAHA!!!! I told my wife if she didn't approve a bigger budget for a tractor that this will be her FATE!!!
  10. Very well said and argued!!! I have been looking at all the other options you and everyone has been brought up. I found a diesel 806,1066, and a few of the other color near by. I am mechanically inclined and I do have a decent amount of tools but would defenitly have to attain more for specific tractor related tasks. Storage isn't a concern, except maybe for height. The previous owners had a Case 12XX? non cab and a couple Ford Jubilees,,,, This post and subsequent dialogue has been VERY helpful to my wife understanding all the ramifications of this decision making process I will keep looking until I find the tractor that checks off all boxes....
  11. I do know where a Diesel 806 open station with 2 remotes, 3 point, and wide front is for ($9200 OBO)
  12. That thing is HUGE and no price makes me breakout into a cold sweat!
  13. Well post has me rethinking my position... It does have a 3point BUT only one remote, Narrow front, ( seen one wide front for sale but it is not awesome looking for 850.00). I do want to get a loader or buy a tractor with one on it already....I will widen my search to some of the other models mentioned...BUT folks seem to feel these are worth a mortgage
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