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  1. It has always been special to my dad, now it is just a little bit more for sure.
  2. It will never leave here, maybe when I get old and no one is farming anymore it can go to a museum or something. Haha.
  3. I will have to look to confirm . I do know that the 1566 we have has a larger diameter axel of course.
  4. Yes, it is how it was does have a new seat and we repaired it 2 years ago before we even had a clue it was even more special. It has always been special no matter what.
  5. The very last serial number for a 1066!
  6. Finally getting around to posting it because I know some of y’all would be interested in the story, my dad has had what is believed to be the last 1066 made! Aka the newest one ? Haha. Him and my grandfather bought it brand new in 76’. It was my dads first tractor! We may just have a small piece of history!
  7. I hope this is still going, I finally got back and signed in to be able to post but I have found 62048! Crazy enough my dad bought it brand new in 76’! It has never left the farm since brand new. We are in East Tennessee!
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