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  1. I would say him mowing it not a bad thing and that would depend on the legal but he is showing a position of possession but may not even think that way never the less ignore for awhile see what else happens ,I just had my trees trimmed on here in Missouri and the tree trimmer hired by the Business next to me RP Lumber did not understand what the problem well the I was p oed first of all the tree was in my yard and under Missouri Law it is called realty trespass
  2. I either have an exhaust leak or head gasket on V800 it has been rebuilt 4 year ago before I got it really did not run it hard but while dozing it started making a lot of noise and started today came back when it warmed up .
  3. I have a TD 20E it seems to push good tracking along seem to hesitate a little push steer sticks all the forward goes ahead and goes just got it so a little skidish of what might go wrong .
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