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  1. Since there is no case dealers around me I was wondering if the fluid sold at the New Holland dealership (which is near me) would be as good as the Hy-tran that is recommended by the owners manual for my tractor or possibly mobil 424. Any advice is appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the info guys Good stuff to know
  3. I am going to look at a 606 next weekend. Based off the pictures it has a TA but is in seemingly excellent condition. My question is how different is this from a 460. This particular one is 1967 manufactred which i thought they were doing the 656 then. This model looks to have the TA style transmission and gas motor. Is there any thing I should pay special attention to for these models. Hopefully I can get some info from you fine gentlemen. Thanks Joe
  4. Joetrue

    67 606

    I am looking at getting a 606 built in 1967. My question is whats different from the 656 and what should I look for when going to look at it. It comes with a 2000 loader. It has the TA lever in picture not sure if it works.
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