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  1. I've been messing with this 1948 Farmall h just got it running a couple of weeks ago and have been wondering what this lever does on the side of the transmission, Haven't pulled it yet because I want to find out what it does first, could anyone please tell me, thanks
  2. I just got my Farmall H running that has been sitting for 5 years but it will only run if I modulate the choke by closing it for a brief second that opening it again and I have to do that repeatedly the entire time it's running. I need some help figuring it out, thanks
  3. Hi, I have a Farmall H that I just rebuilt the carb on. I am getting fuel to the bowl if the carb but not into the engine. I cleaned all ports and jet but still nothing. Does anyone know what is happening, thanks
  4. I have a 1948 Farmall h and I found a super h carb in my grandpas shed and heard that you can use them on a h but I don't know how to go about doing that if that is possible, does anyone know what I would need to do?
  5. I got the castle nuts out of the tank and the u-joint unbolted but it still won't move more than a couple of millimeters because there is a collar at the support under the throttle but after taking the grub screws out the collar still refuses to move, is that probably just rusted on and needs to be pounded off or is it not supposed to move?
  6. I have a old farmall h that I need to remove the upper steering shaft from to remove the gas tank. I am 13 and sort of just starting to get into working on things so I just need some direction on what to do. Thanks
  7. I'll go through it this weekend and I'll see what I find, my grandpa took pretty good care of it from what I've heard it has been sitting outside since his barn collapsed about 20 years ago so I don't really know what to expect from it
  8. If the block is cracked behind the sleeve is that something that needs to be fixed immediately and if so could it be welded or brazed?
  9. I'm located in linden mi, it about an hour and twenty minutes away from you
  10. My second cousin started working on it a couple of years ago and went through it, he replaced the magneto and swapped it to a 12 volt charging system so I'm hoping he checked those things but I will check it out this weekend when I'm not doing school
  11. If the does have water/antifreeze in it how do I go about checking if the block is cracked
  12. The t bird is a 64, I got it last year
  13. Thanks for all the information I will try and get all of that done to it might be a while before I get it all checked off
  14. I have not seen any signs of a damaged block yet but I will take a better look at it
  15. Thankfully he disconnected the fuel line to the carb before letting it sit so there is nothing in the carb or the glass debris collector and the tank is probably about an eighth full
  16. My grandpa got it new with a plow and a disk, I am in eastern Michigan
  17. I've heard of a method of cleaning the tank from rust by shaking it with a metal marble inside to break up the rust and letting it sit in vinegar would that work, I'm still pretty new to working on things I've messed with a couple of old 4 wheelers and a ford thunderbird
  18. also the exhaust is covered and the clutch is free, but the gas smells very sour
  19. I have tools and a pull barn to work in, there is also a farmer down the road that I am friends with that has a Farmall M so he may be able to help
  20. It does not run at all but it cranks over, it's been sitting outside for about 20 years and ran about 5 years ago
  21. Hi, I am 13 years old from Michigan. I recently got a Farmall H from my grandpa because he is no longer able to drive it. I've know this tractor my entire life but have never had the chance to work on it till now. I'm just trying to get as much help as I can. Thanks
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