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  1. Thanks this is really helpful! yes my trans oil leaks down a bit but only when I work the machine hard.. I thought it was just expanding or under too much pressure or something.. I top it up every 20 hours or so if I am working it hard .. the hydraulic pump was whining after the spring start up so I added hydraulic fluid and that's when I noticed my engine oil was thin.. if I change it to engine oil it might curd the problem a bit I hope and saving the motor is my biggest concern!
  2. I Appreciate that info thanks. yes I am going to drain my engine oil now and put heavier fresh oil in it .. glad I caught it right away before it ruined my motor.. do I have to drain my hydraulic reservoir too now and replace the hydraulic fluid? I would guess yes if its filling the motor up.. lol
  3. maybe that's my problem .. lol.. I filled it with hydraulic fluid now my engine oil is so thin it drips off the dipstick..
  4. Is it ok to run engine oil in the hydraulic system? I think I have the same problem develop..
  5. thank you .. ok so just cap them essentially if I don't have those fittings.. I'll look for quick connect fittings though .. Cheers
  6. Hi my question is this.. when I take my tilt blade off my td25c and switch over to a land clearing rake what do I do with the tilt hydraulics? Do I cap them or join them together so it doesn't dead end the system? I realize I should cap the blade ends so no dirt enters the system ...
  7. I recently purchased a TD-25c in decent condition the guy told me it didnt have any issues or leaks (ha ha) .. it seems to have an oil leak draining the trans oil into the belly pan... any insights on where the leak might be coming from and if it might be an easy fix? It leaves a trail of oil behind it and I have already put in two pails of oil to top it up after it basically wouldn't move any more.. lol ....
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