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  1. What fluids are recommended for the Dresser TD9H? I'm guessing (since I don't have a maintenance manual),..... Rottella 15w/40 for the engine? Hytran for the transmission and hydraulics?
  2. Yes, it's for the Dresser TD9H,.... serial number 45501 and up. Also includes the Dresser TD7H and TD8H.
  3. Thanks nomorejohndeere,.... Tyler at peaceful creek says he can get the service manual for my dozer. 3-ring binder $80.00 and 1000 pages
  4. I just bought a Dresser TD9H and I'm having trouble finding a service manual for it. The fella I bought it from didn't know what year the machine is, the serial number is PO45690, any information you fellas can offer me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tbone
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