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  1. My paternal grandmother's one sister got trapped in the east as Germany fell. Rough for quite a number of years but harder to tell as the mail from there became increasingly censored as the communists took control. Most of the family got out of there by the 1920's as it was obvious the political situation was becoming increasingly unstable. A fair number went to Canada and stayed there.
  2. I would not want to have to handle 100 acres that way. A couple acres just to play would be fine. The JD 300 is modern in the head but I don't know if a sheller was ever offered for it.
  3. Shielding was not the best on the 1940's and early 1950's pickers. Also, running powered farm equipment was not in a fair number of farmers' wheelhouses then. There were guys who had accidents with forage harvesters and combines during the 1970's. Even an accident with a grain auger. Forage blowers scare me as much as anything. I've heard of terrible things happening when kids get playing nearby. Also, some farmers straddle the PTO shaft as a short cut to the blower tractor or silo. A healthy respect for power equipment will keep a person in one piece.
  4. I always enjoyed pics and short youtube of pickers and in particular mounted pickers in action. Something I would not mind picking up. No events to take a picker to around these parts unfortunately.
  5. I know that safety is overseen but there are some places that I wonder just how safe it is to run a train. The old Portageville Bridge over the Genesee River had rivets missing out of the supports the last several years it was in operation. Washouts created by Hurricane Agnes in 1972 were one of the very last nails in the coffin of the Penn Central Railroad.
  6. Fry just outside Williamsport, PA but you would have to go get them and they are heavy so fuel usage will be an issue on the way home.
  7. Licensing used to be a big deal and most likely still is. When I worked for Central Tractor there were a fair number of tractor parts CT was looking to market but could not get the OEM to sign off on licensing. I think that it boiled down to if the OEM was still building a part it could automatically demand compensation or even refuse somebody else the right to manufacture a given part.
  8. I dream of farming with 1950's through 1980 farm equipment due to all the equipment catalogs I looked at as a child. Oliver Super 88 diesel pulling NH 469 haybine. IH 686 pulling a JD 7000 6 row planter. JD 630 tractor pulling JD 8300 grain drill.
  9. Had a couple of cold nights recently so the indoor temperature was 59 degrees. Presently 66 degrees outside so I turned on the window fan to raise the indoor temp. I wish this worked in January or February.
  10. You and me both. The lack of money got in the way.
  11. Never saw a 27 or 28 around where I am. A lot of 56 blowers and by the time the 600 was a big deal everybody had left the dairy business. The Mennonites seem to be replacing their 600's with Fieldline's. I don't know if it is a matter of one part of the community supporting another part or what. There has not been for a few years a pull behind chopper made here in the US. But if the dynamics change where there is not a Claas ready and waiting to work for pennies above cost per hour I expect the Mennonites to dust off the NH 790 or JD 3955 to manufacture.
  12. Nuclear development? Seems to me if that was happening the media would be all wound up in an effort to shut it down.
  13. And I would bet the non-dealer sources around here sell more filters for 66 & 86 series tractors than my Case IH dealer does. Part of it is price and part of it is distance. Both the NH and JD dealers carry Fleet Guard at a very good price and always have LF3316 oil filters on the shelf.
  14. For the sake of comparing "apples to apples" do you have part numbers just so we are talking the same parts. I don't expect it to change my response but would provide definite info as to price.
  15. I find this topic interesting. My dealer would not have any of the mentioned parts in stock. In fact you had better call ahead to make sure they have oil filters in stock for a 1066 as they only stock two at any one time.. But they would have pricing as they would insist on the order being prepaid in full before they processed it. Not too long ago I inquired on what I thought was a fairly common CaseIH (IH) disk (gang) bearing and they required a full prepay. I called the NH dealer as there was a NH associated part number and not only was it cheaper it was OK to order without being prepaid.
  16. Fortunately, nobody around here talked like that. At least that I know of. Unfortunately, nearly all of these people don't have an excuse such as going off to war and having a very bad experience. Also, the bad attitude has run in the family for many generations. Around here most don't like what they consider outsiders or those that do not have an English-Protestant background. Before automobiles or telephones became common place they would just burn people out of their homes and sometimes while still in the home. Just a matter of what they thought that they could get away with. Just about all these people who hate are just monsters. It might have made a difference if they got knocked on their tail while being a kid to bring them down a notch but by the time they hit middle age they are hopeless.
  17. Good forage equipment but Gehl is almost gone around here other than forage wagons.
  18. I would look for a NH 38. A good one is not going to be cheap but that is the world we live in today. After that maybe a JD 16A. Lots of IH 7,8, and 10's sold around here but the ones at auction are all rough and parts are an issue.
  19. I wish that I could say that this type of behavior is extremely rare. There are a fair amount of people out there waiting for something to light their fuse. As I said further down the page there are people that I actively avoid because they are looking for trouble and will not let something go at just a shouting match. Not too long ago not too far away a person I know had their barn burned down via arson. As far as intervention ahead of an episode is just very unlikely to happen. Usually, the people around such a person are very afraid of that person for fear of physical violence among other things.
  20. I just checked my 720 with the sidehill hitch. Both pins in upper holes but RH pin is maybe 1 inch lower than LH. Tractor vertical arms both set same length.
  21. You forgot to mention that it is ALWAYS, ALWAYS someone else's fault with these people.
  22. It does not. But guys like you and I are of a different mindset than the shooter. Those people operate from a standpoint where they need to be boiling mad on an average day for their lives to make sense to them. I remember when I was young that there was a short list of farmers that you never stopped by to see for any reason because it was likely you would wind up in a physical altercation with them. Not that you would want to wind up in a fight but because the other guy is just aching for a fight. The families are usually screwed up and have been so for generations. There are some really wild stories out there waiting to be heard.
  23. New Holland was sourcing wagons from Badger for a number of years. Also, I think after a certain point Badger turned the production of gears over to Knowles.
  24. I'd explain further but then that would violate a major policy of this site.
  25. Fossil fuel for a long time (from today)? I would bet against it. Not my personal choice either but the dictate of others.
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