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  1. hey farmall and dave, thnx for the info and yes im scared still going to do easiest 1st then go from there,my buddy has already offered me his engine hoist and chain hoist,im going to get the 6 volt cub going first it was just like this one needs all new fluids battery iggy set up so hopefully it will cut when done then i can tackle the 12 volt and pto, keep the info coming and quit trying to scare me dave and thnx for the leads jack.
  2. ok to answer mmi i bought the below manual this am and plan to start at easiest point first for the fix lol:) thnx and for searcyfarms i would have loved to do it that way vs. tearing this thing apart believe me, but mine wont lock in with engine runningand when u shut engine off and lock it in, it just jumps out when u start it and let the clutch out and there isnt no holding it in.............so im stuck with fixing i hate to say lol cause im a decent backyard mechanic but never have attempted any car or tractor tranny before scares me to death, but im hoping with the manual and u guys help ull walk methru it so stay tuned and thnx thus far and by the way the manual in case u cant see it is GSS-1411
  3. yea thats what im scared of lolthats what the video above shows, im going to try the easiest 1st of course but its looking more and more like what u said, r in interested in side work?
  4. should i get at steiner or somewhere else? thnx again bb
  5. ok appreciate it, what repair manual do u guys suggest?
  6. hey mr.plow and snoshoe, thnx for replies and yes regular gears kind of grumble going into gear but not a loud or lot of grinding, i kno there are alot of possibilities but i will start with draining the trans and pull the rear pto housing first, i found these 2 videos this is what im scared to death of lol.....but if u can all ideas will be appreciated to avoid pulling tractor in half https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ar64utCjC4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbFC-IYLfhg
  7. hey guys 1953 farmall cub just got it running today bought it a few weeks ago and changed allllllll the fluids,greased everything rebuilt carb,new plugs and points and cap, got it running good and all worked today even the hydraulics worked but it won`t go into gear for the belt pulley,i put the idle all the way down, put it in neutral pushed in the clutch and it just grinds the whole time trying to put in, then i shut off motor and it seems like it locks in but when i start it and let the clutch out slowly it just pops out, so i just got the owners manual, and tonite i will order a rebuild manual but i have no clue which one and hopefully with u guys suggestions i`ll get te right one? and i kno ABSOLUTELY nothing about trans or how to fix this "hence" why im here hope u guys can help me pick the right manual and walk me thru this repair.....lokkforward to ur help and ideas thnx bb p.s for those of u who dont kno me i just bought this one and a 1948 cub also twins lol, havent started on the 48 yet till i get this one done
  8. ok this breather is not cleaning as well as i would like......if that screen is not replaceable where can i buy the whole part from an what do u call it? i tried typing in ""oil bath breather"" and carb breather and i got nothing....any hints im attaching some pix of it please let me kno about the screen or where i can buy a new or used part to replace thnx
  9. ok agree with u guys i didnt kno it didnt come apart lol ell now i do so i`ll clean it..........knowing that should i use kerosene and if so just let it air dry or something else all together? thnx and sorry just havent done these things before and want to kno the right way....thnx
  10. ok appreciate that ian.................to other newz guy went and got 2 napa filters today,and tried to get a screen for the oil bath for the carb today and they didnt list anything so i took off oil bath and it looks like the screen is suppose to come off does it? and we werent sure if theres a filter underneath the screen or just more screen? let me kno guys and if there isnt a filter then ill just wash it in kerosene? nothing in my manual on it thnx for advise, ill post some pix of oil bath tommorrow if needed thnx
  11. ok thnx guys once again i`ll do it, i got plugs and wires and points from them the other day, so i`ll get filters and change oils and antifreeze then be close to running this thing
  12. hey matt and others where do i got to get both filters for that motor? and part numbers if possible, napa didnt list any? thnx
  13. ok went to my local napa today and they have most in stock..........want to kno where do u guys get ur filters wires cap and so on? thnx
  14. yea im learning with u guys help, can i just go into napa to get tune up pars and so on for it or do i have to order online? thnx bb
  15. ok guys thnx i think i found out engine size i believe it a C60 4 cylinder 1.0 liter thnx going to get plugs wires and cap manyana
  16. alright heres the numbers and a few pix in the hopes that u can tell me exact model and so on? and also what motor if possible, to order parts for and lastly lol (for now) what ind of oil do u guys think to use and remember im in hot as? florida thnx bb right behind clutch pedal..1.13.R..........next to that..351686 R1..............right side brake plate...350806 R2........ left side hydraulic pump..2.20.Y... below that...354383 R3....left side below firing order...(looks like) 10.16.J .....below that ....251341 R7 anything else u guys need to kn or pix just ask? thnx matt and steiner think it is a 1953 or 54 and it is the 2nd picture above thnx again
  17. ok doctor evil, ill check it out got any pix for all of us to see in the meantime? thnxbb
  18. ok north of 60 and matt i will check all numbers in a few daz and post em here. thnx guys
  19. the 1 on top is the 48 cub 6volt..........the one on bottom is what we think is a 1953 or 1954 what model do u think it is and its 12 volt? and the girls at steiner helped me with top picure model& year were still working on bottom any thoughts?
  20. wow appreciate all the replies, u guys are really helpful.........i will look at all sites and go from there but just to answer matts question i know one is a 1948 fcub im working on id....ing the other, guys from this site on another post have helped me narrow down the year to 1953 or 1954, i`ll thro in 2 pix of them for u to see now and these pix are before i start working on them...... thnx for ur help and ideas thus far
  21. alright dont laugh but i just got 2 farmall`s to mow property with still working on rebuilding carbs and such, but wanted to ask u guys im old and need padding..... so im wanting to put a plusher seat with armrest on both, can any of u tell me where to get padded seats with backrests and armrests for these pacific tractors or do i just have to modify a couple? im looking for something similar to the one in picture but hopefully made to fit, but i`ll modify if not thnx bb
  22. agreed but still love these old tractors, im learning thnx
  23. hey matt first off steiner agrees with u they also said 53 or 54, so im going to go with that, no tag on it anywhere, and after i get the hood off ill look for more number and all the rest of u thnx for ur ideas and comments helped me narrow it down, i bought 2 cubs at the same time the other is a 1948 i just ordered carb rebuild kit for it, and i think the carb on this one is the same and will let u kno when i get kit and will post some pix.......thnx to all of u and see u soon
  24. i just bought a mcCormick farmall tractor,it does not have any aluminum id plates on it, and the only numbers i can find on it so far are 2-20-Y....3543383R3.... 251341R7....351686R1.....12 volt with alternator and a IH carb, please let me kno if i can find any other info needed to find out year and model? or different pictures thnx bb
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