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  1. ok hillman,i told u not to laugh, i was looking on the fan pully for an arrow never even noticed mine lol,but yes im mechanically inclined with direction im not scared to try anything : thnx for the photo and directions i found my pointer and will let u know what happens next
  2. ok appreciate that info will try and i can do the compression part and i know where the line is on the pulley, but what do u mean "line up top dead center line" with pointer on front pulley ? told u im new i can see a line on the crank pulley but i havent seen any pointer yet thnx
  3. ok dont laugh but i know nothing about flathead motors, i have a 48 cub c-60 motor and im putting on new wires,cap,rotor,points and condensor, since i dont have a number 1 piston to look at top dead center, can any of u (please in laymens terms) explain to me step by step how to get the rotor to point to number 1, so i can make sure the wires are going to the corresponding plugs? and what is the right point gap? i was told 13 but not sure......and any other helpful hints u got.........just did a 6 volt to 12 volt conversion along with the above and im getting fire from the coil to the plug even thou its sounds like it wants to start, its not any help is appreciated, remember im no mechanic i just follw u guys and usaully get thru it. thnx in advance
  4. i have a 1953 farmall cub im not sure what u call part.......pto engagement fork or just pto fork but want to kno correct name and where to buy? and the collar the fork actually shifts? if u know who sells ethier part please send me linx cause im not finding, ive included pix of the worn out fork i have. thnx troy
  5. i kno i have a 1948 cub with a c-60 motor, but what starter do i get a rebuild kit for? or just another starter? my bendix started sticking on the 6 volt last couple of times i took out,so i need to rebuild or replace....any help is appreciated thnx bb
  6. thnx thats what we figured but wanted other opinions, came from up north,so i`ll clean today and jb and let u know thnx ....................if this worx then i`ll park in shed and start all the same projects on the 53 lol thnx guys really appreciate the help. bb
  7. well i ran it today the plug is sealed good no leaks and the new radiator and shroud working good BUTTTTTTTTT :(( i did find a hairline crack in the tank the radiator bolts to and wanted to ask u guys the best way to seal it? since there is no real pressure in there could i jb weld it or regular weld or what what do u guys suggest? pix are below of the leak and it is a hairline leak cant even see till it warms up... thnx ahead of time
  8. yea it was 3/4-10 with alot of tape and even poured a couple cups of antifreeze in it over a couple daz, and no leaks so it SHOULD be ok since there isnt alot of pressure right yes it is a tapered thread but bolt is tight? anyway we`ll see lol can alwaz go bigger napa only had an 11/16 so i had this at home,anyway i`ll let u know should have it back together and fired up next week. thnx
  9. im sure it will be fine and now i kno what i have to do to the other one lol but thnx
  10. ok just wanted to sho u guys what i found when i pulled radiator off? and afterwards i boiled out the block and cleaned all the frame tank out and had to re-tap the drain plug to a 3/4-10 to make a new bolt for it lol, but radiator should be here today and will go from there thnx.
  11. thnx r190 i didnt know that see u and matt saved the day i asked and finally i was taught thnx and to answer dirt floor poor,im lazy and didnt want a rebuild this thing is shot and wanted it delivered to my door lol but thnx also. i learned again today thnx guys will order tonight and holler at the next problem OR GOOD that happens....going to try mowing yard when i get new rad on.
  12. ok NEW PROBLEM i believe i have a 1948 cub ENGINE SER.# FCUBM 43465 TRACTOR SER.# FCUB 43292 c-60 motor....so steiner is the one that told me what year and model thru those numbers...everybody saz i need a 351878R91 or 351878R92 or 351878R93 radiator to fit my tractor and they also say those radiator numbers will fit ALL CUBS between 1947 thru the 70`s most of the new rads say they are 17 1/2 inches tall, well if thats to the top of tank then that matches mine, but they ALL say 14 1/2 inches wide """"this is where we run into a kanumdrum"""" my radiator is ONLY 12 1/4 inches wide and the brackets that hold the rad are ONLY 12 3/4 inches wide outside to outside, and by he way the bracket width is the same on the top and bottom meaning they are pretty square, so im including pictures so u can see the measurements, and i would say that this means the 3 part numbers above ARE NOT the part numbers i need and can u please help me find out the right radiator for mine preferably an aluminum one? thnx in advance for any and all help again guys. p.s let me kno if u need any other info thnx
  13. ok thnx going to take off my hood today again and take all exact measurements thnx for info
  14. neither one of my tractors have a tag on it, he didnt say so probably is a drop shipper, ok so will u tell me if this radiator above which is an R3 will fit my cub engine ser. # FCUBM 43465? cause he doesnt take returns
  15. or where is my radiator part number i cant find? i did find these numbers today engine ser.# FCUBM 43465 and tractor ser.# FCUB 43292 then these sets of numbers around carb 251341R1 7.14.R and 351981R1 J.12.R if any of these help find out what radiator number i need to order thnx in advance guys
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