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  1. Ah-ha. That's very helpful..Maybe the simple solution. The only thing I really need to lift, that uses the top link, is the brushog and it mostly rides on the ground. Thank you..
  2. Thank you. I have one of those plates but took it off for some reason. At least now I know its purpose and can use it accordingly. I see your picture above with the lift arms removed from the rockshaft(?) I'll have to look into how they connect to that cross shaft (rock shaft?) where my top link mounts. must be that curved arm from the lift cylinder and the connecting rods from the tel a depth need to be removed/disconnected on the that left side. not sure how the lift arms would get attached on either side really.. but thanks for pointing all of this out.
  3. MMI: I'm pulling a haybine; baler and brush hog occasionally. I can't quite figure out where this drawbar extension would go to pin the drawbar in a fixed position. Or any other way to fix its position. liowaboy: like your suggestion If someone has a pic of how to fix the drawbar position, that would help. snoshoe: we all can empathize with getting old. I believe i read where the tel a depth is only double acting. I think that's why there's no single/double selector on that valve. the other two are selectable. someone else suggested that cylinder test, but both hoses are on t
  4. Sorry i haven't responded sooner. I had to change the notification settings to get emails when someone comments on my post. I'll reply in reverse order. I've attached a picture of the rear junction block setup in the seat base from which the hoses go to the lift cylinder for the 3 -pt. I replaced these hoses once and it was a bear because the base nut on the bottom hose doesn't project beyond the cover so you have to take off the whole seat tower if I recall correctly. This is how the hose were connected when I bought the tractor. I question what the other two ports are for since all the
  5. I'm having this recurring problem with the 3-pt hitch. I use it mostly for pulling a haybine and bailer. The problem is that when using either of these rear implements; the 3-pt position doesn't hold (drops) and it seems like the hydraulic pump kicks in to try and raise putting an extra load/strain on the motor temporarily. Replaced the hydraulic pump last season. Was thinking of by-passing the tel a depth valve and running hoses from the extra set of remote quick connect couplers on the right side to the 3-pt lift cylinder. and capping off the hoses from the rear junction block that go there
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