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  1. Thanks for the information I was able to find Trans-Hydraulic oil for use in Case IH applications. Says it meets the requirement of Hy-Tran Ultra Harvest King brand Do you know of any Mitsubishi mechanics that may know about the tractor?
  2. What hydraulic oil should I use for a Case 235 Hydro tractor?
  3. Question: I have never used the differential lock, at least I've never intentionally used it Could that lock not be released all the way causing my problem?
  4. No I cannot FEEL anything through the lever,
  5. No I cannot fell anything through the hi / lo lever I was even feeling around on the top of the transmission while driving and could not pin point where the noise was at. I know, sounds strange, Ill keep feeling around. Any suggestions, I would appreciate it. Thanks
  6. thanks for the reply. As for the location, It seems to be under the right side seat area. Again, in the high side moving forward under a load, and when I say under a load, I mean if Im on level or down hill, no noise, but as soon as I get on a grade, I start hearing the noise.
  7. Question: I have a International Case 235 Hydro 4wd tractor, (compact) w/front end loader 1988 model under 700 hours on it,, I know that's crazy low. I purchased it form an estate, the one owner treated it with kids gloves. Anyhow, I've had the tractor 8 months or so, and have discovered that when in the high side of the transmission, going forward only (under load) it makes a clunk sound. Not in time with the rotation of the tire, just random and obvious. I have changed the hydraulic fluid, filter and cleaned the screen. Not finding anything abnormal in the oil. There was some metallic looking dust in the pan after draining but from what I have read, that's normal for the compact tractors due to factory flushing not being done. Anyway, all the work I do with it Im always in low and there it works perfect. Please give me your thoughts. Thanks
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