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  1. If the T/A switches from High to low range and is located beside the gear shift, this tractor is so equiped. I never looked at the bypass screen. Where would I find this? How can I Isolate the problem? Thanks, Art
  2. I'm not sure what to ask for it. It's close to Walnut, MS. I'll PM you with my number. Thanks, Art
  3. Anybody interested in a 1486. Motor runs and it drives. I am having some steering issues. I am not 100% ready to sell it, but I am close to deciding. It will go with a 15' Rhino bat wing bush hog.
  4. That makes sense. Yes, I'm pretty sure I at least tried to use some of the bush hog lines each time I operated it. Am I to assume no one thinks the clutch leak could be an issue? BTW, In my previous response, I asked about an O-ring. Later I realized that was a reference to the earlier question about the oil filter. I'll check on this, but I'm pretty sure the o ring at this filter was properly seated. I am also fairly certain that the only time the oil level was low while the tractor was running was for the short time after initial start up and realizing the steering lines were MIA. Thanks
  5. The order of events went like this: 1. Checked all fluids. filled as needed 2. Started engine 3. Pumped out 5-10 gallons of Hydraulic oil onto the ground from steering box because steering lines had been stolen 4. Had new lines made 5. installed new lines 6. Refilled hydraulic oil 7. Started and operated tractor for about 30 minutes 8. Steering became very difficult 9. Shut down tractor 10. Returned a few days later 11. Bled hydraulic lines by jacking up front end, cracking open steering line at cylinder and manually cycling wheels all the way left and right multiple times until air was completely bled out. 12. Operate tractor until steering becomes difficult 13. Bled lines again, operate again, steering became difficult again. 14. Decided to change out hydraulic fluid and filter. 15. The only time during this process that the pump could have sucked air, that i am aware of anyway, would have been at the beginning when we realized that the steering lines had been stolen. Please tell me more about this o-ring and where to find it, how to replace it or where I can read about this. Sorry for the long post, but I figured that more information might help. I'm still curious about the leak at the clutch. Could that be allowing air into the system? Thanks
  6. Hydraulic oil is full. The filter could be an issue, but this problem was happening before I changed the filter. I will check that. Thanks
  7. My father owned a 1486 that he used on 165 acres that he owned in north Mississippi. After his passing in December, I went down to check on the land and found the tractor had been vandalized. Someone stole the hydraulic steering lines. I had new lines made and installed them. Now the steering won't work. Air is building up in the lines. If I bleed the air off, I can use the tractor for 20-30 minutes, then the air builds back up in the lines and the steering stops working. I suspect that the air may be getting in at the hydraulic clutch because it leaks fluid. Along with the steering issue, the brakes have never really worked that well, and now seem to be completely useless. During the process of trying to get the steering working, we drained the fluid and replaced it along with the filter for the hydraulic fluid. In addition to the brakes, steering, and possible clutch problem, some of the cylinders on the bat wing bush hog don't work. Sometimes the cylinder for the wheels on the back that raise and lower the deck will work, other times they won't. One of the cylinders that raise the bat wings doesn't work at all and the other sprays fluid out of the relief valve when you lower the batwing on that side. Another question I have is about the way the hitch attaches to the bush hog. It appears that there is linkage missing that would raise and lower the deck at the front. My main concern is the steering. If anyone could point me to a resource to learn about that, it would be much appreciated. I know nothing about tractors, but am mechanically inclined and would like to get this machine working properly, or I would like to sell it as the land will soon be sold. Thanks in advance.
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