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  1. This sounds likely, actually. It’s always been more sluggish than I thought it should be. What should the amperage draw be from the starter? I’ll check that once I have a new solenoid in place. Thanks!
  2. I managed to melt the starter solenoid on my B275 (see photo). A little research suggests that this is might actually be a 6V solenoid and I've been pumping 12V through it. Due to a leaky injector pump, I have to bleed the injectors just about every time I start the thing, so that's a LOT of extra juice going through this wee solenoid. It was also not well grounded, so that didn't help matters. Anyway, I'm having a little trouble sorting out a replacement. Will any 3-pole 12v 200A solenoid work? Something like this: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0797WZBD9/
  3. All fixed up and works great! Custom hose was the way to go. Thanks for all the help, fellas! (not sure why my phone insists on uploading upside down.)
  4. Ok, gents... I managed to get the damn hose off the hard line without breaking anything... but now I'm a little stumped on what fittings I need. I bought a 1/2" hose with male pipe threads (because that's all they had), but I now think that maybe 3/8" is the way to go, and I think I need some JIC adapters. That sound about right?
  5. Thanks all. I probably won't get back to this for a couple days, but I'll let you know how it goes!
  6. Hi all! So, I blew out a hydraulic line on my 1501 loader. It’s the one that goes to the top of the tip cylinder. The cylinder end of the hose came off no problem, but the arm end doesn’t feel like it’s going to move at all. I am SUPER worried about breaking the hard line on the arm or the connector there. Any advice?
  7. Got it sorted! I had to disconnect the hydraulic hose, disconnect the piston from the ridge marker, and then pound the piston back down into the cylinder. After hooking it all back up again, and raising/lowering the planter several times, physically helping the marker down each time, it finally worked on it’s own. I think some water must’ve gotten into the “dry” side of the piston and seized things up some.
  8. This is what I figured out after staring at it for a while and re-reading the owners manual (though it doesn't explicitly say to do this when unhooking the planter). Ended up being able to squeeze the couplers just enough to release enough oil into the reservoir to drop the planter and take the pressure of the cylinder. One of those rookie mistakes you only make once.
  9. Hi all, Having trouble actually hooking up the hydraulic hoses with the quick-connect... as hard as I push, I can't get past the pressure to get them connected, especially while holding the collar back. Am I missing something obvious? Am I just a weakling? I did manage it once, somehow...
  10. One of the ridge markers on my new-to-me Cyclo 400 won’t drop when it’s supposed to. Any thoughts on how to determine if it’s the cylinder that’s seized, or a problem with the alternator or some other issue?
  11. Update: got it all hooked up and IT WORKED! I have a few little things to iron out with the planter (it’s sat for 16 years), but it raises and lowers like a champ. thanks all for your help!!
  12. Won’t be necessary in my case. I won’t be using the lift arms while the planter is connected. What about the loader, though?
  13. I thought I’d ordered an owner’s manual, but I turns out it’s the shop manual. Owner’s manual is on the way now.
  14. Couldn’t get an elbow that would work, so this will have to do for now. Haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. (Not sure why those are posting upside down)
  15. VERY helpful. Thanks very much everyone!
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