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  1. That’s excellent Ethan! thank you very much. Do you happen to also know what the hydraulic filter numbers are by any chance? Sorry for so many question but I’m getting excited since I’m narrowing in on what I need from you and all the other help on here. If I can find out the hydraulic filter number I need I’ll get all those ordered. Then I’ll be able to make the drive up to Georgia and put a front tire on and change liquids and filters and hoping i can get it moving onto a trailer. If not I’ll tow/push it on the trailer to get it back here to my place. thanks again for the help. It is very much appreciated! Doug
  2. That would be excellent JEOSBOLT! I really appreciate the assistance. It appears someone in the past put the 466 engine in this machine instead of the 414 listed on the chassis ID plate but I’m guessing the rest of the systems are the same(trans, hydraulics, etc...) thanks again!
  3. It’s a really neat machine. I’m going to use it to dig out my pond. After that who knows. Gotta get it on a trailer to get it to my place first though!
  4. That is awesome. Great feeling I’m sure. Kids are amazing! Good job!
  5. Thanks again Bulldog. Appreciate the help.
  6. I guess I need to go back to the original question then. Does the 466 in the beginning of the engine stamp mean the engine is a DT 466? Will the hydraulic pump and the transmission have what type they are stamped on those units so I can ensure the right filters for them? I appreciate the assistance.
  7. Thanks Bulldog, does that include the hydraulics filters also?
  8. Can someone help me confirm this is a 466 engine based on the stamping on the engine? Just want to make sure. I’m new at this so don’t want to start buying filters and parts until I can confirm. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks Jes B for all the great information. Great picture. Mine looks like a twin to yours! I will follow all your recommendations! I do have another question on the engine type. The data plate in the cab shows the engine as a DT 414 but the stamped number on the engine block says 466. Pictures below. I’m assuming the engine is actually a DT466? Am I reading the engine stamp code right on that? If so the parts manual I thought was correct due to my serial number ( 02198) lists the 414 engine as coming in this machine. Are the parts i need to purchase (filters, screens, gaskets, etc..) the same for both motors? If not I will need to order another parts manual for the 466 motor since the one I already purchased references only the 414 motor. No problem, I just want to make sure I know the correct engine before I buy parts. Where is the best place I can go to order the mentioned parts and correct fluids? I’ve heard people on the forum mention Napa. Do they normally have these in stock? If not Napa where should my go to place be for parts? For the hydraulics, since nothing is working right now I plan to drain the fluid again and replace filters in the reservoir. I’m hoping that will allow the hydraulics to work again. If not, how would I measure the hydraulics pressure? Is there a specific hydraulic pressure gauge I need? And does it screw into a port on the hydro pump under the floor pan? Sorry for all the questions on this but I’m a newbie when it comes to this type of heavy equipment but I’ve worked on many gas engines over the years so I’m jumping right in. I’m also a couple hours south of where my machine is now so trying to make sure I have as much stuff as I need on hand for the next trip up to get it moving and on a trailer to move it down here to north Florida. Thanks again for the help.
  10. Excellent! i’ve been amazed at all the knowledge I’ve been reading on this forum. Definitely a valuable resource! I’m guessing it’s nothing to major since it was working when I first had it started. At least hope not. thanks again, ‘’Doug
  11. Hello all, just signed in but have been reading the forum for awhile. I’ve got a hold of an International E200 scraper and got it running again after setting a few years. Engine runs great and the first time I had it running all the hydraulics worked great on the pan (elevator, door, etc... except for moving the machine. Second time started no hydraulics working. Checked all fluids, changed hydraulic fluid but I didn’t have new filters available. I plan to get new filters and try to see if hydraulics will work again. I’ve ordered the service and parts manuals for it but haven’t received them yet. I need to move the machine and can’t get it to move at all. I’m guessing the hydraulic fluid is used for gears, steering and moving the machine. I’m hoping changing the filters frees up the hydraulics. Any suggestions on what else I should try to get the machine to move. Haven’t found an operators manual so not sure if theirs something else I need to do besides start it and put it in gear. Was told it ran great when it was parked with no issues. I’ve looked it over and don’t see any linkages disconnected as far as gears. Also, when I have it running the steering doesn’t respond either when I turn the wheel. I’m excited about working on this and learning all about it. I’ve heard they take lot of maintenance but I’ll take the challenge! An help ya’ll can provide would be much appreciated.
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