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  1. I would say there is something a bit off hah! Someone must have not know what they were doing or didn't like to tighten hardware. the reason i adjusted the #6 screw out before is because when i looked at it at a glance i saw that that was the first thing hitting and not allowing the 4* gap to close enough when really the #4 bolt hits a different surface closing the plunger. It all makes sense now, Thanks again!
  2. Thanks for the info snoshoe, i will follow the steps and see what happens. What manual do you have? would like to get one as well.
  3. I ended up taking the cover off and started it real quick and pushed the governor mechanism forward and the black smoked stopped with with rotating it forward about and 1/8th of an inch. I studied the adjustment and ended up threading the left (from seat) adjustment bolt under the fill cap and it seemed to fix the shutoff problem. i put the cover back on filled with oil and fired it up on diesel and still have a throttle range issue. with about an inch of travel it goes from idle to full throttle. I ran out of time in the shop, But thinking maybe something to do with the little cam screw bec
  4. I recently rebuilt a 400 Diesel and upon first fire up it was evident that the injection pump was not shutting off with the throttle linkage in the off position while running on the gas side ( blowing black fuel rich smoke ). I did go through and adjust all of the change over linkage, and governor linkage per the manual and before starting and once i realized it was burning diesel fuel i verified the the lever one the injection pump was full forward. Along with that when i switched it over it jumped right to a mid throttle with the lever in the off position! I figured i would ask this brillian
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