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  1. Hough 60 transmission question I was running down the road the other day headed to the farm and my transmission was slinging oil I had only went about a quarter of a mile and I was about 20 feet from my driveway and transmission got real hot even smoked and sort of froze up right on the road I added more fluid it sat and ran for about 20 minutes and finally started moveing but only inn 3 rd gear and would shuttle forward and back in 3rd only 1 at and 2 Nd didn’t work at all where do I need to look to fix the machine
  2. All info has been much appreciated thanks guys u have been a great help I have a lot to learn
  3. Thanks again guys does anyone know where I can get parts if ever needed
  4. Thanks guys it looks a lot like hydraulic fluid but I can’t tell
  5. Needing help with working on my international hough 60 loader when checking the power shift transmission do u check with the machine off or on and also what type of fluid?
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