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  1. I mean if I do get it, I’ll learn something from it. Whether it be “fixing” it or parting it out for those who could use the parts. Just preferably “fixing” it. I like the older tractors and I’d really like to have one of my own. Especially since my dad will claim it as his 24/7 for no reason other than that he’ll want it
  2. I pretty well know my way around an engine. All the parts are there and good (minus axle housing and the two levers for the bucket I believe) and it looks worse than it is in my opinion. To me the only obstacles is freeing up the engine and the axle housing on the right side (as if you were sitting on it.) I might just get it and if I can get it freed up/running I’ll go from there for the axle housing. But if it turns out worth not it, then I’ll probably just part it out.
  3. I have been thinking about getting this farmall 460. It has been rolled down a hill twice and in the process bent in both fenders, bent the steering wheel, broke 2 control levers, broke the right axle housing and popped the outer rim piece of the center rim piece on both rear tires. it’s sat for 10-12 years with everything plugged for the most part but it’s partly locked up however we don’t believe it to be too bad. It was supposedly rebuilt right before it rolled. The only actual rusty part is the seat, everything else is just surface. So my question is, would it be worth getting an
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