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  1. You left it sitting on the roof of your Tesla battery rocket. ;v) Speaking of.... What do you call a stolen Tesla?? A: An Einstein! Mike
  2. So, how far back into antiquity do these blueprints go.... and when you mention Hinsdale, are you referring to FEREC? Otherwise, there really isn't an agricultural anything left down there after all the shingled weeds took over the fields. Think there is or was a small park dedicated to IH or McCormick or something like that. That would be about it. Mike
  3. Good points! I forget that not all dealers are connected to the Depot. That & they may deal with other warehousing companies that are out there. Would like to add that there are dealers that deal with selling to the Depot & yet they won't purchase. There are two Deere dealers in the area that are like that & I will be dipped in slurry before I ever deal with them again. No big deal on my end. I was restoring a PTO air pump to give to my uncle for helping me with some stuff & they didn't want to deal. Had to go through a lawn mower repair place that fixed a lot of JD mowers. That worked. Mike
  4. Ok, your part numbers are: Wheel Hub - 045981 - Includes 520054 & 520199 Bearing Cups Bearing Cone - 520201 - Front or Outer Bearing Bearing Cone - 520200 - Rear or Inner Bearing Grease Seal (Used after Ser# 5350) - 045982 Hub Cap (Used after Ser# 5350) - 045984 Slotted Nut - 7/8" NF - 653102 The cotter for that no longer returns. It's specs are, 1/8" x 1 3/4" All available at the Depot at the time of this writing. Mike
  5. Did you look for NOS needles by chance? I'd wager it's a slim chance of finding them, but may not be impossible. Mike
  6. Those are sharp looking little tractors. Looks to have 45ยบ lug tires on it yet. Already have a 2444 for a utility tractor or I'd be in the market for a 606. Mike
  7. The 1206/1256 are CAT 3?? Had no idea that was available back then. Was the FH on those tractors built to different specs as well? Mike
  8. The Parts Depot shows they have 7 of them. According to the parts book, it comes with the bearing cup already pressed in on both sides. The front & rear bearing cones are also still available there as well as the grease seal for machines after ser# 5350. Some of the numbers need to be crossed, but they have them. I'll leave the book out in case you need any other parts. There seem to be quite a few yet for the BF130. Mike
  9. Nice Ridemaster! Wonder why it's in Simplicity orange? Can't imagine they bought the green ones & repainted them. They were competitors from the same town, Port Washington, Wi. Mike
  10. Nothing wrong with that. A crotchety old fart can add a certain flavor to a forum that is otherwise lacking in others. Boy, that doesn't sound right does it? :v) I can say that the crotchetiness in the tractor forums I participate in, pales in comparison to some railroaders I've known of or met over the years. Surprised I didn't have that PTSD as a youngster. Mike
  11. Hmmmmmm.... you know, a smaller 3D printed TA assembly would make a great desktop conversation piece. Mike
  12. I'd contact CaseIH & see if they still have them. Not sure if any of that made it to the archives over in Madison. Hopefully they didn't go into a dumpster or were pushed into a big hole when the respective factories were bulldozed. Mike
  13. I've been using a site called AV Spare. Just type in the make & model followed by the name of the site in a search (google, bing, etc.) & it will take you to what you're looking for. Initially there's a popup & you get redirected to an Amazon page of unrelated stuff. Just close that tab, shoot down the popup & look at what you need. That's what I've been using lately since Case, NH etc. screwed up their parts sites. Speaking of parts, they don't list a separate bar for the FH vs the 3PT setup in the catalog. Not even in the FH adapter packages. The only different ones I found cover the 3PT bar for the 656, 706, 756, 806, 856. The other one fits the 1206/1256. Not sure why that is. It could be that the book they copied from was missing a page or it was revised & that part was no longer covered. I've seen that a lot with my print manuals. Mike
  14. I'm glad you & Maynard pointed that out. Went to measure mine & came up with 31 1/4" outside of the pin mounting plates. Guess I will have to find another bar also. Mike
  15. You did a great job with that plow! Just needs decals & it would look factory fresh. Mike
  16. Did someone turn Cricket into a board game at some point in history? All I can think of. Mike
  17. Thanks! Say, do you have a larger picture of your avatar? I've wondered for a long time what it says. Mike
  18. It looks like the rear wheel assembly should just fit if the beam is left intact. That's good news. Did your steering linkage pipe already have a hole through it or did you have to drill it out? If you drilled it, how did you keep everything aligned? Then again, I wonder if it matters much as the arm that goes to the tail wheel is pretty slopped out on mine. Mike
  19. Excellent, thank you! I didn't know the FH mounts in the pin holes for the 3PT. That makes things easy. Do I have to trim off the end of the main beam after dropping a bottom or can I leave it stick out? Mike
  20. Could use a couple pictures of the in-furrow Fast Hitch assembly if anyone has them or could take a few. Curious as to what all goes into it & how it's mounted up. I'd like to have the option of changing the plow over from 3PT to FH should my 806 give me any problems come plowing time. The next question is, what is the reason for not being able to take an extra bottom off & use it as a three bottom? The manual states that I can take a six down to five & a five down to four, but I can't take a four down to a three bottom. Why is that? TIA Mike
  21. Rowse carries them & most all other parts for that mower. Good parts, good service.... always happy to do business there. Mike
  22. Don't have one, but I watched this stout looking beast go at an auction a little ways north of me. Brought $12,5000. Though somewhat unrelated to the model in the post, the other tractor of interest at that auction was a bareback 4586 with duals. It was in darned good shape & went for only $5900. $5900!!!!!!!! I just about cried. ? I have no space for such a beauty & would not want it sitting out. Mike
  23. If they would put more of those eye sores offshore, things wouldn't look so bad. Think there's two offshore wind farms in the US here. It's a good start, I guess. Mike
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