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  1. Hmmmm.....


    The first Star Wars

    Pink Flamingos

    Lawrence of Arabia

    Saturn 3

    Ask again tomorrow & it might be different. Well.... except for the first three.... & maybe the 4th.... or the 2nd, 4th & 5th.... Giant definitely stays in 1st.... could we make it a top 10? How about 20? There's just toooo many excellent movies. :vD Giant is not going anywhere though. 😂


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  2. 4 hours ago, Matt Kirsch said:

    The fender washers are pretty thin. That's why I use two.

    So far so good.

    If I think of it this afternoon I'll run out and snap a picture. Of course the equipment is packed in like Tetris so I may have to resort to some unnatural acrobatics to get to the rakes. Call 9-1-1 if I'm not back in 24 hours.

    If you get a chance, that would be great. If I don't hear from you.... I'll send in the Swedish bikini team with refreshments at least.


  3. 9 hours ago, Matt Kirsch said:

    I've used large fender washers, doubled up, to make rake tooth clips. All you need is a ball peen hammer and a punch to form the washers into clips once they're bolted in place. It works surprisingly well.

    Bought a bunch of teeth that were supposed to fit the NH 258 rakes at auction. Right length but the hook on top is backwards.

    I like that idea & may go that route. Wonder how thick they make them? Those clips take a lot of punishment in tedder mode. Not looking to use it for that, but would like to have the option just in case.


  4. 9 hours ago, Binderoid said:

    How many are missing? Can’t be that big of a deal to hammer a tooth clip. Or,  watch some you tube videos on sand casting, and used the ones you have for a pattern. Are there no skilled metal workers in your area? 

    I've always wanted to tackle the task of making iron & sand casting. That might be a possibility. As for skilled metal workers.... there are a few, but they charge other worldly prices. Anything they do around here is sold to the city slickers & suburbanites as art. There have been days where I was tempted to kick the farming addiction & get into scrap metal art. The issue is, I have a finite eye for art & the customers want nonsense. Don't think I can do the steam punk thing. Too disingenuous.

    There are also welding & fab shops, but they are usually booked solid for months to come.


  5. On 11/18/2021 at 8:18 AM, brewcrew said:

    I haul machinery very regularly and what I was thinking I needed something a little better than duct tape and a plastic bag to cover exhaust stacks. I was thinking of having my mother-in-law sew me some but I’m curious about what kind of material would be appropriate. Realistically I will never be putting it on while the tractor is fresh out of the field with a really hot exhaust. Also, what size would basically fit every tractor? I haul everything from utility tractors and front end loader‘s all the way up to moderately size Steigers.

    I couldn't resist, my apologies sir.



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  6. Anyone out there know of a place.... or person that would be making the RA-3 stamped tooth clip for the McC-D three bar side rake & tedder? They do have some at the Depot, but at last check about a decade ago, they wanted $42 a piece for them. Would also go for the R-3 which was the early cast clip. That's what's on there now.



  7. 23 hours ago, dumbfarmer said:

    Hey all you train history buffs out there do you have any recommendations for train history books? Looking for a gift for my son-in-law. Thanks 

    Unless you are looking for a general overall view of the history of the railroads, you need to be more specific. Even for general information, do you want to know what the guy on the ground did or the brass in their lofty office? I recommend using the 'net to start a search. A good beginning would be the B&O. They were the oldest railroad in the United States & had roots back to 1826. Those early years searches will also bring up info on the canals that were abundant back then. All of which succumbed to the new rail system going in. That was due to either competition or the canal owners buying into the newly burgeoning rail system & abandoning their original endeavours.

    I digress....

    I don't have any specific book on the broad history of railroads here in the US of A. Nor do I have a recommendation. But.... I can fill your ears (or his) all day on many subjects, though & advise on many a good book about them. If that's too annoying, I'll just shut up & point. Lol!


  8. 11 hours ago, Big Bud guy said:

    Is that a factory wide front or did IH have several designs over the years?  I have to admit, it looks like a poor design.

    I had an H with that wide front once. It is factory. Just hasn't been set back in the OP's pic.


    Zeiss 1_0017.jpg

  9. 1 hour ago, KWRB said:

    I don't send this to just anyone...


    Really?? Good Sir Ness is one of the finest & most accomplished platypus ridin' sheep herders in ALL of NZ.... & you're going to come limping back to the barn with.... with that?! Eeeegads, man! That is noooo way to serenade a man of such great stature & a true national treasure in the Kingdom of Kiwi! Now... I shall post only the finest for our young Mr. Ness.

    Kindest & warmest regards to our mate!!!


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  10. 1 minute ago, oldtech said:

    You might want to get over there.  Article in the local paper announcing the closure says they are selling out all of their inventory.

    Thank you! Will do.


  11. On 11/7/2021 at 6:31 PM, oldtech said:

    Very sorry to hear that one of the last independent repair shops is closing here after the death of one of the owners, Scotty Madson.

    Madson Service was started by his dad and I just dont know where Im going to go for the more serious work on my older tractors now.  I always thought they had a thriving business and never thought Id see them close.

    I guess his partner didnt feel he could go it alone.


    Now that is a bummer! Very sorry to hear of Scott's passing. Madson's was my go to place for old Cub Cadet parts. Was going to get a hold of them this winter to see if they had or could find a square deck for my original CC, as they could probably find one if there wasn't anything kicking around the shop. My best to Scott's family!

    As an aside.... I've been so happy with their service in the past, I made sure they had signage on my train layout. Really were great folks to deal with.



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  12. 5 minutes ago, stronger800 said:

    I think it would have been an extra great pic if you took the items in your above photo, and oriented them differently:  dead heater->threaded rod/spreader idler slide hammer-> log chain->wheel weight weight bracket.  

    Now That would got it out of there for sure 

    If that plug was any more stubborn, I might have. :v)


  13. On 11/6/2021 at 6:46 AM, DT Fan said:

    I have many slide-hammers, don't use them all that often but they are a life saver when you need one! My favorite one, trick I learned from an old toolmaker I used to work with, is the vise-grip slide-hammer. Just the small pair but you would be amazed what that thing will fix. Guys I worked with in Mn. were amazed when it came out of the toolbox. Recently got a weight and all-thread for the next bigger pair, it works great too. Pics to come when I get to the farm.

    I tried that with my largest Vice Grips & the long bolt was the next size up. Of course there wasn't any threaded rod floating around that was the right size either. Lol!


  14. On 11/6/2021 at 6:01 AM, searcyfarms said:

    aaaah success - i know where your heater is...........its in that spot where you knew you would never forget where it is - i have that same spot in my shop only problem is, it moves around on me - great job on enginuity ( spl ck )  and resourcefulness!!!! 

    Yep, safely stored on the floor behind my chair in the garage. Something must have bumped it off the shelf.


  15. Finally got a little time after lunch to brainstorm & come up with some kind of idea as to how to pull that dumb thing out of there. Poked around & poked around & realized I don't have a slide hammer. So.... I made one. Found a really long bolt in a pile of misc. IH hardware. Dug around & came up with a chain idler from a 100 spreader. Added a couple washers, then drilled & tapped the old plug heater. Threaded my hillbilly slide hammer in there & had it out after several tugs. Now, the next thing to figure out is...... what the heck I did with the new block heater? Lol! Thanks again for everyone's help.




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  16. 42 minutes ago, Matt Kirsch said:

    424 is a Doncaster UK built tractor so that makes sense.

    I've looked up a lot of IH part numbers over the years and I have not once ever come across a valid 7-digit-plus-R part number. Even on British tractors.

    Many individual decals have 7 digit numbers. They're usually 27xxxxxR or 100xxxxR.

    On a side note, I've noticed since I got my 2444 that one thing the Depot does not have a lot of, is 30xxxxxR numbered UK parts.





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  17. 2 hours ago, MTB98 said:

    I’m sorry to hear if the position your company has put you in. I’m afraid all of us that work for big corporations (and small ones too!) will be in the same situation soon. Maybe there is language in the proposed contracts about vaccinations?  Or maybe there isn’t any language in the contract about vaccinations and they want it in there? That could be a sticking point. If it’s not in the contract it’s not part of the deal. This negotiation is interesting because it’s the first large union contract negotiation I’m aware of since the “mandate” was talked about. 
    The bonus money and pay increases seem way better than average across most industries. 

    That's what I'm wondering. How much of this strike is mandate related & being left out of the news? It could indeed be coincidence, of course, that the strike & proposed mandate happened at around the same time. Still curious though.


  18. 1 hour ago, gearheadmb said:

    The seal on the auxiliary valve had been leaking pretty bad on my 424. International says its no longer available, my local dealer couldn't find any NOS anywhere, nor could they give me any specs to find my own. The internet had nothing useful. So I took it apart and said a prayer that something would exist to replace it because removing it destroyed the seal. So as it turns out

    National oil seal 240816 is equivalent to IH p/n 3061049R1 

    The national part was like $5 from the auto parts store. It's been in the tractor for a few weeks and not leaking so it must be correct enough.

    I figured that valve/seal was probably used on more than just my tractor and someday one of you guys might need one too. So now when you google the part number maybe you'll find this.

    If you know of any other obsolete part equivalents feel free to post them here. We're all in this together, gotta help each other out where we can.

    Your local dealer must have some pretty inept parts hounds. Messick's carries them & there's one at the Parts Depot. They aren't a $5 seal, but still available.


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