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  1. Mining company i worked for in the early 70's had a Bucyrus Erie 54B cable shovel and a Koehring Scooper which was a hydraulic shovel. The Koehring was fast but not as durable as the 54B. It still had the old style tracks, by 77 I was working for a construction company and it was all hydraulic excavators with hydraulic drive tracks. had Link Belts which were German 5000 psi systems and a Drott with 12v71 that had to be hauled in pieces took a 50 ton lo bed and a flat bed semi to move it.   

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  2. I bought a 99 Prizm (Corolla) in 2000 w 12k and ran it until last May. over 250k nothing serious ever. Did the maintenance on schedule. Still running good just tired of patching it. over 33 mpg. Totally reliable.

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  3. They have switched to the more aggressive calcium chloride applied as a liquid around here. The DOT "treats" the roads with "calcium" according to their mouthpiece. It's a treat alright. Also the steel is all some form of remelt that contains who knows what.

  4. 17 minutes ago, New Englander said:

    Check your homeowners insurance. We don't have one but I noticed on the policy that it's considered an attractive nuisance which may make your rates go up or leave you unprotected if a neighbor's kid gets hurt.

    I also found that a tractor left in a field may be considered an attractive nuisance; our policy and probably most farm policies cover it.

    No problem if only your kids have access.

    I've known a few women who qualify as an "attractive nuisance".

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  5. In regard to the bolts they are basically pins so they probably don't need a lot of torque. I would use nylock nuts and just change the nuts when they didn't resist enough. More height will increase leverage on truck. Those small adjustable bolt on pintles may not have the weight rating for a 12T trailer.

  6. On 2/26/2023 at 9:59 AM, int 504 said:

    I've had a few with the number 55, 75 etc. that is always close to the weight. I've never seen one with a date. I have a Colombian that needed some restoration and a new lower leg with a C on the bench plate and a 20 on the vise that corresponds to the 200 lbs. it weighs.

    Upon closer inspection of my vise the 20 is the most visible part of 1920 which would be a logical date of manufacture. We used to call these post vises years ago. A large post was set in the ground in the blacksmith shop. The anchor plate went on the top of the post and the bottom of the leg was attached to the post with a large staple the eye of which fit around the lower leg under the flange. I have only seen one set up like this but the elderly man who was selling it assured me it had always been that way. I still have that vise somewhere and the staple hopefully will be with it. I'll get some pictures at some point. The vise was heavy and large but that's all I remember about it. I bought a caulking vise at the same time that is probably keeping the other one company.

  7. On 3/8/2023 at 8:57 PM, Sledgehammer said:

    I have a large Athol vise but it looks like it spent several years underwater and is beyond bound up. It wasnt 300 lbs or anything but when I bought it the guy couldn’t believe that I carried it to the pickup. 

    As for post vises I looked in the newest older catalog I have which is a 1927 vintage. They list Columbian vises but only the bench variety. The only post vises are not labeled by a specific maker and do not go along with any sizing we have discussed here. 



    Those numbers are possibly the weights of the vises.

  8. In Maine many towns have discontinued maintenance on parts of some town roads or all of some roads. Usually no one lives on these. It takes a vote of the townspeople to resume maintenance or to accept a road as a town road. Sometimes it's just winter maintenance that is discontinued. This can cause a lot of problems when someone builds on one of them.

  9. 1 hour ago, Lazy WP said:

    Volvo is probably a decent truck for that application. Pre 08, I think, is pre-emissions. Make sure it comes with the proper ppe. Shorts, flip flops and foot rest on the dash. 

    Seems like there should be some crocs.

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