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  1. You can measure the diameter of the bare cable and find info on web to cross to gauge of cable. You could buy a positive and a negative cable end and see if they fit reasonably snug if not exchange for bigger or smaller as required. If you are going to solder them on you should remove the battery assuming you can't get the cables a safe distance away from it. Batteries contain hydrogen gas which can explode from a spark or flame. You don't want that to happen. The cable ends are different to suit the different diameters of the battery posts.
  2. Try G503 in a search engine. Go to forums and scroll down to 1 1/2 ton trucks or there may be an international specific board. I have Ford, Chevy Diamond T from ww2. later Dodge. I have some sort of Int flat 6 with a 4sp? transmission from late 40's I think. Don't have a use for it. I'm in midcoast maine.
  3. Those temporary expedient ends aren't worth diddly. Remove them from battery, clean posts and then replace those ends with solder or crimp on type or just replace the cables with new ones.
  4. Arcing and smoking is definitely a bad connection. You may have a damaged post which results in air gaps. pictures would help.
  5. Get a whole filter housing from something with better parts availability and adapt to fit. large old Fram catalog had complete unit specs. Donaldson made a lot of them. Not going to suggest a tractor brand but some yellow ones have good parts availability or something from a diesel truck perhaps large farm tractor or combine.
  6. That looks better. I think you could tear the original version up with a D3 never mind a D6.
  7. Years ago a customer delivered a bike for me to work on in a horse trailer after dark. He asked where I wanted it and I said it can go right in the garage. His wife said shine a flashlight on the ground where you want the back corner of the trailer. I did and she put it right there one pass over a 100 ft and a 90 degree turn.
  8. Specing coolant, lubricants, weird size parts etc. is a profit center for the manufacturer not to mention the savings on avoided warranty claims when someone doesn't use the dealer service and captive parts oils etc.
  9. If you are not sure of which exit to take just go around and around until you figure it out.
  10. Griswold and Wagner both made very small skillets that were ashtrays with cut outs for cigarettes/cigars and one with a holder for book matches also.
  11. I don't do the cashless system here either. I avoid toll roads as much as possible. luckily there aren't many in maine and i rarely go out of state now.
  12. Do they have cameras everywhere or do they do it by elapsed time between toll stations?
  13. Around here they move house over onto a previously excavated and poured foundation or jack up and work under if lot is small.
  14. Military had something like that for tanks in WW2 don't know about later. Usual weld on corks is one 2 or 3" piece in center of one pad then two the same length on ends of next pad and so on. Hopefully they will go in to ice so not too long or they will just skate as the pads do. Those bolt on chevron shapes look good but there is also clearance to sprocket on underside to consider. The lugs on Canadian chains are a similar idea however they work better in mud and the spike ice chains are better on ice and frozen ground. To clarify we weld the calks on top of the grouser on the pad for the winter. They can be cut off if they cause a problem the rest of the time.
  15. Some had the number in the bottom of the oil pan. I remember a 220-they were fairly large 2" maybe.
  16. Are you looking for more traction or trying to prevent sliding sideways?
  17. Weld on calks work but are hard on ground when it isn't frozen. Some could be made from flat bar and calk iron with bars drilled for bolt holes.
  18. Comes from leaving pto in gear. Someone near here spread a whole load of fresh cow manure up a hill on state road. Was steep enough to empty truck due to tail gate problem. Cars got stuck in it.
  19. My guess is packing crates or wooden boxes. Constructing maybe but more likely the shipping/receiving department.
  20. I have a 504 with loader and like the tractor a lot. reverse is slow. I use a 800 lb. concrete weight on 3 pt even though tires are loaded. has a large snow/chips etc bucket. It's not a great loader but it's way better than no loader. Does fine with a 5' bush hog, would run a six. Mine has cat 1/2 as original. Came with bushings etc to do both. Tractor looks fairly good. Do you know anyone who could look it over for with you?
  21. I think it was just teed into main pump pressure line and supply from tank to pump. So just one check valve? It was factory and ran off the truck battery. mid 80's Ford with Brazilian 6. Did a head gasket and valve clean up on it. they said it went good after. I think it was supposed to be automatic switch over but there was a problem with blown very large fuses. Was ex power co truck. Fuses might have just been corroded or missing it was a long time ago.
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