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  1. The early four wheel drives didn't have locking hubs. So the front was the same as the rear except the wheels turned on the front to go around corners. locking hubs were sold as an accessory to reduce wear and improve fuel economy. By how much? All the rest ever since is mostly advertising and sales stuff. They didn't shimmy, wear tires excessively or anything else unless something was wrong. The Marmon Harringtons had full time 4wd with a lockable diff in transfer case as invented by Col. Harrington in the 30's. Traction type tires on the front were/are going to wear more than regular tires. Hardly anyone had 4wd in the 50's, 60's increased in the 70's but everyone got around and the roads weren't sanded/salted anything like they are now. We lived in upstate NY and just used regular tires year round without difficulty. Kept chains in a pail in the trunk. Just a tremendous decline in peoples abilities imo compensated for/caused by all the conveniences they now have to have.
  2. hauling potatoes out of Aroostook in the winter with a crackerbox Jimmy-never shut it off all winter. Truck was called old bread and butter.
  3. int 504


    I've had that happen and also had sellers say someone called but it's first one comes with the money. I've gone after some of those.
  4. int 504


    So if first buyer backs out will you still pay double?
  5. We had Michelins on E250. They were a highway tire maintenance records showed close to 100k before replacement but you would get stuck on a drop of dew on grass. Had to use it in the winter so replaced with Michelin semi coarse all weather they were very good in snow, rain etc. no more stuck on dew drops. These were 16" 8or 10 ply tires. just depends on what you need to do. Tread wear and traction are polar opposites.
  6. We used weed burners to warm up the Macks.
  7. I put a 153 from a 504 Farmall into a 504 International. Bolts right in, of course I had both tractors for any parts needed.
  8. A New Holland skid steer I work on occasionally has a disconnect for the drive which you engage after start up. Works good Kubota diesel.
  9. But it would be more efficient as you could plow going and coming no wasted motion.
  10. You could put one on the front and one on the back.
  11. Don't forget The Prince of Darkness is involved.
  12. I have Kennedy boxes I bought in 1971 that I still use. They withstood being in the service truck and still work good. I had brown ones and got some used red ones later on to add more storage when they were just all in shop.
  13. We had a party line in the 70's. I've heard that Dupont fishing worked good.
  14. Checked today and my two have the handle the other way. I suppose you could pull the pin and flip whichever way you want.
  15. I've just welded some ears in the bottom back of the bucket to mount the plow arms of the older style snow plows. You can get fancy and hook up the angle cyls to remotes and sometimes a strut from top of bucket to plow a frame so you can use down pressure. Some weights for wheels or a counterweight on 3 pt. You can back drag away from doors. Tire chains are almost a must.
  16. Sounds like a core credit engine.
  17. That's the one. Swivel head ratchets have been around for a long time. I have a Williams that I bought in the 70's and replaced guts once that is all worn out that has a straight handle.
  18. I have a similar one except the handle bend is different. I bought one at an estate sale sold by Napa that may be better.
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