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  1. People on the coast say that Appleton is beyond Hope.
  2. I know quite a few of the Gushees but Dave isn't one of the ones I know.
  3. Drove one with the 5th forward pattern that went with the 2 spd 4L 5L 4H 5H.
  4. I'm in Appleton which is next to Union. I don't know the axle dia. off hand as far as using the centers goes. Anyone know the sizes for H and M?
  5. I have a parts 504 with 38 rears. Decent rims,good centers even rubber with tread but checked. It has the centers with stops so the rims won't spin. I'm in midcoast Maine. I might have pictures if anyone is interested.
  6. I use a torpedo heater some in the shop. I run K1. It costs more but less fumes. As far as paint etc. with an open flame heat source a fuel/air bomb comes to mind.
  7. I made a new wiring harness for my 504. It was time well spent and the supplies weren't expensive. It was just taking the time to do it... You may already be familiar with these types of chains but in case people aren't here's my experiences. I started out with "Canadian" ring chains that came with the tractor which were excellent for soft ground but not so good on frozen ground or ice. I then spent the money on a set of studded "ice" chains. These came from Norway or Finland originally I think. They are the best. Way ahead of regular or reinforced or whatever tire chains. I only use my tractor for some snow removal and very limited use in the woods. I also bought a bunch of used studded heavy truck chains at an auction which I adapted for the rear of my snow plow truck and a homemade truck tractor. They are unbelievably better than the good condition truck chains I had on them. They use these on skidders and other woods equipment often a set of rings on the back and ice on the front. Trygg is one brand-very pricey. When you get to upgrading your chains this type is worth it.
  8. I use Husky oil or occasionally stihl in the saws at 50:1. Trying non ethanol this winter but really didn't have any problems with premium pump gas.
  9. I've got the saw disease also. Started with gear drive McCulloch, then Homelite XL 104 then Partner 65 then Jonsered then husky. now have husky 55, 254, 261, 262, 268 161 346, 357 (2) 372 (2) 575 Jonsered 2077 Stihl 038 046 Partner 1200 and Homelite 983? chop saws which is what I remember for now. I'm mostly a Husky fanatic but the 046 Stihl may become a favorite it's a project at the moment. The Jonsered 2077 is a great saw.
  10. |A company I worked for had one of those years ago. Had a sign crane on the back. I don't think it was a double cab though. Is that ex Air Force?
  11. Someone in Mason,N.H. is advertising used truck tires and wheels on Craigs. They have a lot of them in the pictures. I don't know how far that is from you. As far as the tire chains rubbing I often run just single wheel chains on the outside tires. Drive the inners up on some 2 x's and install chains on outers and you are done.
  12. int 504


    That breaker bar is from WW 2 as it is cadmium plated-1942-45 I think. I have one like it made by Wright. The broached square in the end is really handy. You can use it as an extension or better yet add a 12 or 18" extension into it to make a longer breaker bar.
  13. I wondered about the big truck nosed into the Metro also. Oilfield rig perhaps. Maybe a Diamond T or other ex military? Windshield looks low in height like an early Diamond T.
  14. Been a while but I'm finally working on the truck. I got a whole nose and some other stuff from a 1985 school bus that is headed for the scrappers. Good news is the owner was very reasonable on things and I can get more parts if needed until it goes away. Buses hang around as they make good storage units.
  15. I think the two warm ones were working and the other two weren't.
  16. When it comes to school bus seats think egg carton. When it comes to belts think weapon-large heavy buckle on end of strap. Sad but an unfortunate reality.
  17. I apologize for the off brand question but a friend is wondering if a 305 v6 exhaust manifold would interchange with a 351 v6 this would be in a 1 1/2 or 2 ton truck-mid sixties. Thanks for any info.
  18. G503.com has a lot of info. organized by vehicle type. people are knowledgeable and decent for the most part. There are some as always just keep on going if you encounter one.
  19. We are in Appleton which is beyond Hope according to the coastal folks.
  20. I'm in midcoast area. near Rockland and Camden.
  21. Harvested peaches today before the birds got them. Wouldn't have thought that they would grow here but they do. Trees don't always last too long. Tractor is my 1945 A.
  22. Ended up finding info on ag extension web site. Not very encouraging. Cut out bad areas and wait for inevitable.
  23. We have a fungus called "witches broom" on our high bush blueberries. Anyone have any info on getting rid of this? These are cultivated bushes not the wild low bush berry plants commonly found in Maine. I don't know the scientific name for this.
  24. On reading my previous post I realized that i reversed the parts of the cone-projects up from the base into the body of the vise is how it is.
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